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Which fruits have the most sugar in them ?

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Looby34 Tue 03-Mar-09 14:16:18

Hi - can anyone suggest where I can find this information on the web ? I've had a look but can't find anything helpful.... Thanks.

peanutbutterkid Tue 03-Mar-09 14:20:29

Dried fruits in general, especially those with added sugar or soaked in syrup.
Fresh fruits: sucrose is naturally occuring in grapes, but not at high % in all varieties.
Are you worried about teeth? Blood sugar levels, what?

bigmouthstrikesagain Tue 03-Mar-09 14:20:43

Don't know about where on the web - but off the top of my head fruits like Bananas, dates, raisins etc. have high levels of fruit sugars - thats why they make great muffins without needing to add processed sugarwink - HTH

Looby34 Tue 03-Mar-09 14:28:06

Sorry - I should have been more specific. I was thinking melon and grapes. I eat probably a third of a melon with a generous handful of red grapes every day. I think I have a fungal infection (just posted about that) and was wondering if the sugar in the fruit I eat was making it worse...

Jux Tue 03-Mar-09 14:37:58

This seems fairly definitive.

Jux Tue 03-Mar-09 14:40:44

There's also this.

Looby34 Tue 03-Mar-09 20:07:52

Thanks Jux. This is helpful.

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