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Facial hair, how much do you have and how do you get rid of it?

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BettySwollux Tue 03-Mar-09 13:04:23

Ive always had a bit of a tache, but for a while now Ive had a bit of a beard.
Most of it is blonde and wispyish, but a fair (increasing) part is black, quite coarse hairs.
I was tested for PCOS, and dont have it.
I either pluck with tweezers or use epilator.
If you pull hair out by the root, does it weaken the follicle? I thought it did, but was told recently that it will strengthen the hair.
Has anyone bought one of those home laser removal machines, and do they work?

Failing that, whats the best way to stay smooth?

I cant use veet type creams as hair is too coarse, and by the time it 'melts' the hair away, I end up with chemical burns on my top lip (NOT a good look!!)

Honeymum Tue 03-Mar-09 13:25:19

I've just started to have mine threaded (eyebrows and tache area). It's great - no spots, no visible regrowth (I go every 3 weeks). £6 for both together too.

BettySwollux Wed 04-Mar-09 20:27:47


philopastry Wed 04-Mar-09 20:43:31

I too have developed a bit of a blonde tache which I am currently at war with - I am going down the electrolysis route and am pretty hopeful it will zap the little blighter into submission. A needle is inserted into each hair and an electric charge sent down the hair to the follice - it weakens it until the hair does not grow any more. I think it take about a year to completely eliminate it, as the growth cycle of each hair is different and obviously the beautician doesn't get each and every hair in the 10 min session. It is a bit painful but completely worth the pain IMO.

Don't be embaressed about going to the beauticians to have it done - they see loads of women about this - I pay about £8 for 10 mins, I only go once a month - get some advice and see what would be right for you.

AMumInScotland Wed 04-Mar-09 20:54:58

I looked into the home laser machines a few months back, but they really seem to be a waste of money as they have nothing like the power of the salon ones and most people found they did absolutely nothing. There's a more expensive one (about £700) which gets good reviews, but no way I'd think of that kind of money!

BettySwollux Wed 04-Mar-09 21:12:08

Thanks for replies.
My worry about electrolysis is if I miss a session for some reason, it supposedly knocks it all to hell as you have to catch the hair as its just coming through or thr shaft strengthens again.

MIS shock HOW much??? shock

AMumInScotland Wed 04-Mar-09 21:26:03

Incredible, isn't it!!Link

kentmumtj Tue 10-Mar-09 11:44:25

i have this problem to. Very embarrassing. Ive had PCOS for 15 years now.
I am currently undergoing laser treatment at a salon.
I have tried creams, waxinghome laser machines electroylis etc.......none worked.
This laser treatment at the salon may be more expensive but well worth it. I have paid £240 for 6 sessions.

jeee Tue 10-Mar-09 11:48:55

I have often considered laser treatment - but I have never found anything which outlines the risks. If I knew what the risks were, I could take an educated decision. So if anyone out there could fill me in, I'd be very grateful.

kentmumtj Tue 10-Mar-09 15:22:25

I am having the laser which is called IPL Intense Pulse Light try
this website gives details of all lasers etc etc

I can honestly say i dont think there are many risks if any that could be serious.

Bout 8 years ago i had laser on my bikini area and i was fine.

good luck with your deciding but i would say go for it

MrsMattie Tue 10-Mar-09 15:24:28

I have my eyebrows threaded when I can be bothered or I pluck myself.

I get my bikini line waxed, but only in summer months / when it's going to be on display.

Get my 'tache waxed. It's very quick and doesn't grow back for ages. One day, when I can be arsed, I might try some sort of electrolysis.

jumpingbeans Tue 10-Mar-09 15:26:51

What is PCOS and what are the symtoms, I am very hairy and it seems to be getting worse, i never knew there could be a medical reason,

Brangelina Tue 10-Mar-09 15:33:23

I pluck or wax my tache and pluck stray chin hairs. Sometimes I also bleach my "sidebuerns" depending on how pale I am. I don't use creams as my hair is very dark and coarse and I get left with "stubble" and chemical burns. I think it's bollox that hair grows back sturdier if plucked, if anything mine seems to be finer. After all, it's the same process as waxing and the hairs grown back finer there.

kentmumtj Tue 10-Mar-09 15:52:40

It polysistic ovarian syndrome
it is a hormone medical condition which in my case stopped my periods, made me gain weight and i developed black course hair growing under my chin (very embarrassing). Upon further tests and scans they discovered my ovary's were covered in cysts.

Once you have these hairs they stay for good, even if your hormones sort themmselves out.

Lorelei97 Tue 10-Mar-09 16:18:39

I had several blood tests at my GP's to rule out pcos as my sister had it and I was finding it difficult to cope with the increasing facial hair, and ironically losing the hair on my head at the same time, developing a pudgy belly and irregular periods- the blood tests for pcos all came back fine and my GP could offer no help. Fast forward approx 5 years and during an internal scan to find out why I was having no luck becoming pregnant and the consultant took one look at my ovaries and said they were both covered in mutiple cysts.
I have since been told there is no cure for this and ALOT of research seems to indicate the best method of managing this is weight loss, maintaining a good bmi, although ironically women with pcos will find it much harder than others to lose weight. Carb and sugar cravings are not unknown as it messes with insuling levels in your body. For some they are prescribed a drug called metformin. my gp or fertility consultant will not give me this for some reason but have read lots of posts on mumsnet about people taking this successfully. For me - a good hair removal routine has become second nature- my dp will often find me tweezers in hand- over the years the hairs on my chin have reduced I think due to having been plucking them for so long. sorry for the rambling post- hope some of this is useful

kentmumtj Mon 16-Mar-09 09:07:03

i used to think my hairs had decreased following plucking it was only when i noticed many ingrown hairs that i decided to leave them for a while..........and well i was shocked and went for laser treatment

JustBe Thu 13-Aug-09 15:01:34

Hi BettySwollux

Just noticed this thread and if you are still looking for something to help I use a little tool that works like threading for my face,I`ve used it for a few years and it`s worked great for me you can see it here
[[ ]] it`s definitely worth a try.

I just use it every couple of days now. i always burnt the skin on my top lip with using veet( not a good look!) and even had a nasty tear on my face after a waxing session.

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