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Would the dr do anything - bit ming I am afraid.

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smurfgirl Tue 03-Mar-09 11:33:50

I have recurrent athletes foot, I do everything right, I dry my toes really carefully, I wear flip flops at the pool, I try not to let my feet sweat! I treat it at home and it comes straight back within a week or so.

I think the problem is my little toe, its very curled and grows under the next toe - they are quite difficult to pull apart so its ideal 'breeding' ground [vom] It like the bone in my little toe is actually curled. You cannot see most of my little toe nail if you look at my toes.

I also get mega callouses on the soles of my feet, chiropody gets rid of them but they come back - again I think I am walking weirdly because my little toe basically provides no support. My big toe is small as well and I don't think that provides much support either! Oh and I wear my shoes down very unevely - they end up on a slope from left to right.

I am fat so I am worried the Dr will just say - well what do you expect fattie and do nothing.

OnlyWantsOne Tue 03-Mar-09 18:24:14

My Sister had very bad atheletes foot (which is ironic as she does no exercise...)

Any ways, her doc told her to take zinc supplement...?

normansmum Tue 03-Mar-09 18:29:06

doesn't sound like you are clearing infection properly. so yes go yo drs they shoud be able to give you different anti-fungal treatment. hth

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