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My coil is lost! Where can it be and how will they get it out?

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MrsPickles Mon 02-Mar-09 22:55:48

Went to the Drs to have coil removed in preparation to start TTC no.2. After 2 nurses & male Dr prodding & poking (comments like ooooh you're really tall aren't you- errr no I'm 5'3) and winching me open (so it felt) not a trace of the strings could be found.

Am cringing as I type this - they are going to be refer me to the hospital to (ewwww) be dilated (if scan shows it's still there which they are 99% sure it is). What is going to happen? I appreciate a coil is a much smaller thing than a baby, but it sounds a bit like induction of labour to me which makes me want to cross my legs very tightly indeed. Any positive coil-finding stories ?

LynetteScavo Mon 02-Mar-09 23:01:58

I've heard tehy can fall out without you noticing....[hopeful]

MrsPickles Wed 04-Mar-09 20:47:53

Bumping - anyone? I am sure its still in there because I've had really heavy periods since having it in and joy of joys still getting those!

veryembarrassedmummy Wed 04-Mar-09 21:02:19

They will prob do something like a hysteroscopy- a small instrument into womb with a camera and search about shock- shouldn't be much worse than having a coil fitted- well, mine hurt like hell- 1st type wouldn't go in, and 2nd one they tried was partially expelled 3 weeks later after non stop drip drip bleeding.

MrsPickles Thu 05-Mar-09 20:25:06

Arrrrgh - didn't feel a thing really when it was put it in (maybe because was 6 wks post partum) should have known I hadn't escaped that easily!

Bumping again - surely someone else has had a lost & found coil - or do I officially have the most maze-like womb on MN?

singyswife Thu 05-Mar-09 20:27:16

lol at maze like womb. Sorry I know it is not funny and you must be very worried.

Hope it is all okay for you.

cheshirekitty Thu 05-Mar-09 21:56:37

They will do an ultrasound scan first (internal) to locate the coil. If it is still in the womb (most are) they will try a coil retriever to get the coil out.

If they cannot get the coil out this way, they will do a hysteroscopy (may need another appointment, not sure how the hospital near you deals with things).

If they cannot find the coil in your womb, they will send you for an abdo x-ray. If the coil has migrated into your abdo, you will be listed to come in and have it out under GA.

Ask your GP if your local hospital has a menstrual dysfunction clinic. They may be able to do ultrasound and try and get the coil out at the same appointment.

Good luck.

MrsPickles Thu 05-Mar-09 22:20:26

Thank you so much CheshireKitty, that is so helpful to know what will happen. Fingers crossed it;s still where its meant to be.

I already have my date at the hospital at the gynae clinic - will ring the clinic and ask if they know if they may be able to do scan + attempt retrieval at the same time. I am pleased I went to try and get it removed in good time before wanting to TTC as I have to wait 8 weeks for a hosp appt so I hope that's not just the scan!

letswiggle Fri 06-Mar-09 07:26:12

I have an ultrasound every 12 months to check mine's still in the right position (this is standard procedure in the country I live in). You can see it clear as day on the ultrasound, so don't worry they won't have trouble finding it. I imagine they need to remove it at the same time as they scan so they can see what they're doing.

dreamybabe Tue 23-Jun-09 18:19:16

Ive been told i've got to have an ultrasound to make sure my coil is still in place (the doctor cxut the threas to short and now i can't feel them and she is having trouble seeing them) can anyone tell me, does this hurt? and exactly what it involves?

Cies Tue 23-Jun-09 18:32:01

Dreamybabe, it doesn't hurt at all. They use an ultrasound probe that looks like a dildo! Whenever I've had it done they've very gently inserted the probe into my vagina and then move it around gently to locate/look at whatever they want to see.

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