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Mirena Coil - love it or hate it?

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JiminyCricket Fri 27-Feb-09 22:41:32

I need to go for a coil fitting. Have had copper coil before and was happy with it (GP had problem fitting Mirena coil that time so went for other one). GP now recommending Mirena. I am kind of interested but wonder if I should stick with what i know I am Ok with, as have a low tolerance of side effects etc. And, on a more curious note, if coil has a good effectiveness anyway, why stick hormones in it as well? Any experiences? smile

jadesayo Mon 07-Feb-11 00:46:32

I have never posted on a forum before but I feel I really must as a result of this evil contraceptive called the Mirena Coil.
Thankfully, I only had it in for 8 months & to think that in that time, it turned me from a happy person into a monster, who was starting to think there was nothing in life to live for (bearing in mind, I am a mother of 3 wonderful children!). Was forever ttearful.

As well as depression, which I had never suffered from, i gained over 1 1/2 stone in weight - which no matter what I did could not be shifted due to a monstrous appetite for sweet & sugary food.

I had a constant bloated tummy, which led a parent at my kids school to ask when I was expecting child no. 4!

Nausea - similar to morning sickness.

Complete and utter loss of libido, to the extent that I thought I no longer loved my husband & might therefore have to consider divorce!

The last straw was when I started to suffer from debilitating back pain - such that I couldn't get out of bed without being in agony or get into the car, without my son lifting my legs in.

I only connected all these ailments to the coil after only accidently coming across posts, through researching what was causing the back pain.

In my opinion, there appears to be what could be termed a conspiracy by GPs refusing to believe that in some women the coil produces some distressing & debilitating side effects. I was practically bullied by my GP into having the coil inserted in the 1st place & then he refused to remove it when I asked him to - I had to bypass him by getting the nurse to remove it!

Have only had it removed for 4 weeks now, but already bloatedness has gone, feeling happier, although sex drive still low, not eating as much & my back within days of having the evil thing removed, started to get better!

Ladies, for some the MC works fine, for others like myself, it can become a living nightmare - all I ask is if you are thinking of having it inserted, that you at least be aware of its potential side-effects & are not caught unaware. I didn't read the info leaflet given to me after insertion - in fact I threw it away as I did not expect something recommended by my GP as safe to cause me so much pain & heartache.

Please, we are intelligent women, who know our bodies better than anyone, doctor or no doctor, so lets listen to it when its not happy and not allow our concerns to be dismissed out of hand by GPs!

FABFORTIES Thu 10-Nov-11 12:59:35

hey peeps!
had my mirena coil fitted last monday, feel so well im sure its come out!! can it come out after a bowel movement( tmi), grateful for any info on it!!

OriginalPoster Thu 10-Nov-11 13:03:22

I got mine two months ago, hoping it will help endometriosis. So far, irregular mild bleeding but am expecting that to settle soon.

Kirstylvsya Tue 06-Nov-12 12:35:04

I got mine in about 4weeks ago, swapped from copper coil as had heavy periods and awful pain. To be honest I would rather have the pain than the side effects of this horrible coil. Tired all the time, weight gain, no sex drive atol, terrible mood swings, angry all the time. Teary, I feel like I'm going nuts. All I want to do is sleep! I know it's early days and I should let it settle but I can't even wait I hate feeling like this so much. My check up is soon so I am hoping I can get swapped back to the copper one

Jestrin Sun 25-Nov-12 14:14:41

Ive posted on a couple of other threads about the mirena. I've had mine 18 months now and although it has helped with the heavy periods and pain due to endo it has given me a whole new set of problems. Weight gain, irregular lengthy periods that vary in flow. not to mention cysts and finroids! i think Im about to finish when I get another weeks bleeding! I'm now waiting on the results of a blood test to see if I'm perimenopausal or if there are issues with my thyroid or pituarity gland affecting my ovaries. In the mean time I am seriously thinking of going to my gp to get a second opinion and the mirena removed.

Jestrin Sun 25-Nov-12 20:56:23

Haha! That should read fibroids! I didn't spot that earlier! smile

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