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I wake up having an orgasm. Anyone else?

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abroadandmisunderstood Thu 26-Feb-09 20:29:51

Yes, have namechanged. Am a regular poster for last 4 years but am a. embarrassed and b. I think DH knows my nickname.

I wake up about 5 times a month (no pattern) having an amazing orgasm. I'm not touching myself nor is DH touching me! I am not even having filthy dreams about Johnny Depp.

Does anyone else get this sensation?'s like my clitoris is on overdrive as that is where the sensation is.

I'm not complaining!!! Just feel a bit odd about it and wonder if anyone else has this.

missingtheaction Thu 26-Feb-09 20:31:02

no. but when you find out what does it please let me know - although I guess we will be seeing you on Dragon's den grin

doenstlikethismuch Thu 26-Feb-09 20:33:57

i'd like what ever you've got

CKelpie Thu 26-Feb-09 20:36:34

I have had it once of twice, the last time I had house guests...I hope I wasn't vocal blush

CKelpie Thu 26-Feb-09 20:38:15

once or twice. I don't know whats the matter with me tonight. My ability to write is diminished.

TheInvisibleManDidIt Thu 26-Feb-09 20:45:17


Thats all I can say really.

Rubyrubyruby Thu 26-Feb-09 20:47:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

abroadandmisunderstood Thu 26-Feb-09 20:48:40

oh pants. This is a bit worrying. I thought there would be a chorus of "me too".

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Thu 26-Feb-09 20:48:46


Lizzylou Thu 26-Feb-09 20:48:49

NO envy
Gosh, is it diet? Have you had sex the night before?
How? How? How?

What a way to start the day grin

DaisyMooSteiner Thu 26-Feb-09 20:49:43

Lucky you. Generally I wake up to a small child shouting in my face. envy

PerArduaAdNauseum Thu 26-Feb-09 20:49:49

No, but the 2nd time I met MIL she told me she was having spontaneous orgasms that she put down to start of menopause, and described in detail the one she'd had on the school run that morning. So much TMI blush

MrsMattie Thu 26-Feb-09 20:50:35

I wish.

DumbledoresGirl Thu 26-Feb-09 20:51:31

I certainly have erotic dreams and wake up in an aroused state, or possibly even slightly orgasmic state. I am not ashamed of this so have not namechanged. It is only natural.

ellenjames Thu 26-Feb-09 20:52:17

i have that but only when pregnant!

YESYESYES Thu 26-Feb-09 20:54:07


scaredoflove Thu 26-Feb-09 20:54:47

I do, I go through phases but at the least once a month.

I was thinking about this earlier bizarrely

If you can, whilst dreaming, orgasm without any touching, can people then orgasm just through thought alone?? Now wouldn't that be a gift!

abroadandmisunderstood Thu 26-Feb-09 20:57:13

Dumbledores, I think what you describe may be what I am experiencing. DH works away most if not all the week and when he is here...well, he falls asleep around 9pm. Maybe my body is cravingvsex to the point of almost no return!

It is like the heightened arousal you get in your second trimester of pregnancy. I find it so frustrating though as it's like an almost feeling. It needs a man to finish the job blush

DumbledoresGirl Thu 26-Feb-09 20:58:08

scaredoflove, I wouldn't be surprised if that were possible. I have certainly become very aroused watching certain porn, and barely need a touch to tip me over the edge.

Ok that is tmi. blush

LadyOfWaffle Thu 26-Feb-09 20:58:22

I have a few times... I do wonder if it's real or an intense dream of it? Must be lack of sex !grin

tumtumtetum Thu 26-Feb-09 20:59:01

I should be so lucky!

I once read a problem page problem about a woman who had an orgasm every time she did a shit. The response was why are you worrying that sounds great!

TheBreastmilksOnMe Thu 26-Feb-09 21:01:04

Yes I often get it and I know the secret girls!!!

LittleMissBliss Thu 26-Feb-09 21:03:05


DumbledoresGirl Thu 26-Feb-09 21:03:12

Well get on with telling us then!

abroadandmisunderstood Thu 26-Feb-09 21:03:38

scared of love,I have wondered too about whether it is possible through thought alone. This seems to be what is happening to me

I would love to finish what I seem to start but with a regular visit at 6am from DS1...well, he would be traumatised to find mummy in the throes of ecstasy double triple blush

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