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Thrush and tea tree oil

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MegBusset Thu 26-Feb-09 17:05:20

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and have mild thrush which am treating in the first instance with live yoghurt (on MW's recommendation). I read somewhere that tea tree oil can also be used, and have some, but not sure what I should do with it -- any advice?

MegBusset Thu 26-Feb-09 18:44:16


veryembarrassedmummy Thu 26-Feb-09 18:50:44

You can put a few drops on a tampon.
Or you could add it to the bath, or some people put a few drops on a panty liner.

I'd google it just to check any side effects re. PG

Sibh Thu 26-Feb-09 18:56:31

I used the tea tree oil on a liner when I had thrush after a postnatal infection and it worked unbelievably quickly. I'd check it's safety for pregnancy though as VEM suggests.

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