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Yet another Mooncup question!

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diedandgonetodevon Thu 26-Feb-09 15:18:12

I used a mooncup before having DS nearly 5 months ago but I seem to have misplaced it after all this time and need to get a new one.

Problem is I don't know which size to get.

I know they say to get the larger size after childbirth but is that because of stretching after a natural birth or because your cervix gets a bit looser?

I had an emergency c-section so my vagina is still the same as it was beforehand (sorry TMI!) but I did get to 10cm dilated before hand.

Any ideas oh wise ones? smile

FeminineWear Fri 27-Feb-09 00:52:02

A is the larger size.
Go for a size A if you are over 30 and a size B if you are under 30.
If you haven't had a vaginal birth you can ignore that bit when sizing. Good luck.

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