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Frozen shoulder anyone had this ?

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nikkisherri Wed 13-Apr-05 20:58:49

I have been suffering real bad pain in my arm and shoulder found out is is a frozen shoulder. My arm movement is getting restricted and I'm getting depressed because I can barely sleep at night trying to find a comfortable position with it hurting so much and now everyday tasks are being affected and finding it hard to do housework with it and other tasks like shifting gear in my car etc. Really starting to get me down. Anybody else here had this and know of anything that I can do to help it ?

Aimsmum Wed 13-Apr-05 21:08:56

Message withdrawn

vict17 Wed 13-Apr-05 21:10:34

Yes I've had this. Only thin I did was take lots of painkillers and then when it felt a bit better my gp advised me to lots of exercises like arm circling. It is so painful though it feels like there os no light at the end of the tunnel but it does ease. It comes back every so often ad I think that's because I don't exercise it like I should

Dec Wed 13-Apr-05 21:18:01

Hi NikkiSherri. Sorry to hear about your shoulder and I totally understand as I've suffered from this off and on for about 15 years. I would ask if you've had this properly diagnosed though? I was originally told I had a frozen shoulder (x-rays and everything!) and all the GP would recommend was wearing a soft neck brace as much as possible and taking painkillers! It got to the stage at one point where I wasn't sleeping or eating at all due to the pain. At this point I met a lovely lady who recommended a deep muscle masseur and osteopath as he'd helped her with chronic back pain. He took one look at me and described the things I had difficulty with (changing gears, putting on a bra or socks, etc.) and he explored the range of movement I had. He then categorically denied I had a frozen shoulder and told me I had a misplaced disc in my neck that was trapping the nerve that runs down the shoulder and into the arm. One 30 min session later and a quick neck tweak and it was fixed! For the first time ever I was pain free and was able to come home shortly afterwards and pick my 2YO DS up for the first time in months! Due to the fact that at this stage I'd had the problem for 10 years, the disc has a habit of periodically slipping back out of place. I usually know when this has happened as a (milder) pain occurs and I tend to get migraines. At that point I make another appointment - in the last 5 years I've had to return only 3 times.

Anyway, advice on pain relief was what you were after! I can recommend nurofen tablets or ibuprofen gel as it's an anti-inflammatory and can ease the stiffness. The heat sprays (ralgex?) are pretty good, but short term. The best help I had was from a mini TENS machine that my father gave me (he bought it to treat arthritis in his back). It simply blocks the pain signal from being sent to your brain and gives relief and greater movement after a short session.

And after that long story, I hope there's something there to help you. Good luck and I would say again that you're sure of the diagnosis and perhaps try to track down a good osteo to confirm. GPs are good at general stuff, but the osteos are specialists on the skeleton and musculator and a good one is worth their weight in gold in my opinion!

nikkisherri Wed 13-Apr-05 21:59:35

Hi, Aimsmum, Vict17 and Dec so pleased to hear something back so quick, really appreicate it.,.

Well I make jewellery and I think that is part of the cause as sitting with arm in one position for long periods of time and I suffer with hyperthyroidism which apparently makes me more susceptible.

It started 8 weeks ago with just pain in my arm which I ignored but its gradually got worse and literally the last week gone so stiff and I have been lying awake at night in agony driving everyone nuts with my whinging and really have limited movement in my arm now.

I have looked it up on the net and really feel that is what it is as I have exact symptoms and being hyperthyroidism sufferer and it clearly stating that people with that are more likely to get it.

Fairly depressed after reading prognosis and how long this thing can go on for.

I haven't been able to do my housework in the last week and worried that its going to get even worse and affect my jewellery making.

I will get to he doctor asap for the proper diagnosis though and meantime store up on ibuprofen pills and gel.

I will also look into the neck being the cause as that is particularly stiff too I have noticed.

Thanks for all the advise and encouragement!

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