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Breast self examination whilst breastfeeding - what are you looking for?

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popsycal Wed 25-Feb-09 20:18:15

It has just occurred to me that for nearly 5 years now shock, I have been either breastfeeding or pregnant. And haven't had many periods during that time - only around 9 months worth.

I do examine my breasts but wondered how I ought to be discriminating the normal bumps etc typical of breastfeeding (there will be a realy name for them...) and anything that would need to be checked?

Also, with no periods, when is the best time to examine yourself?

I haven't found anything that I am worried about but it occurred to me that I really ought to be better informed.

Does anyone have any knowledge in this area?

PrettyCandles Wed 25-Feb-09 20:22:56

AFAIK, you are looking for anything that is different to your norm. So, if you can, examine immediately after a feed so that there are no 'bumps' (I know what you mean). Because you are familiar with your boobs you should be able to identify any new bump that you wouldn't expect to be there. Also, bfing doesn't change the position of your nipples, or make them pucker or stick out differently, both of which are things to look out for.

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