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urgent please - paracetomol overdose?

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ErnestTheBavarian Wed 25-Feb-09 18:56:53

Ds has temp. I gave him a dose of Parkemed (Mefenamic acid). Not realising this, dh gave him, v. short time after (15 mins) a (about 3/4 of a ) paracetomol tablet. Further problem being the paracetomol is from 22kg and ds is only 15 kg. We're on holiday in the middle of nowhere to boot.

Does anyone with real medical knowledge know if this is a disaster & what we should do? (Unclear if Mefenamic acid is processed by liver or kidneys, and even if this makes adifference, the 2 doses being given basically at the same time)


edam Wed 25-Feb-09 18:58:05

call NHS Direct?

FrazzledFairyFay Wed 25-Feb-09 18:58:49

no idea but don't take a risk - call NHS Direct now

louii Wed 25-Feb-09 18:59:23

So what dosage of paracetamol has he had in total would you say?

shonaspurtle Wed 25-Feb-09 19:02:38

You can take mefenamic acid with paracetamol, so the issue is the amount of paracetamol which depends on the strength of the tablet.

Nabster Wed 25-Feb-09 19:03:42

You need proper medical advice.

No offence to anyone.

LaDiDaDi Wed 25-Feb-09 19:04:13

Ok, mefanamic acid if not the same type of drug as paracetamol, it will have no bearing on the paracetamol being either too much or ok.

Max standard dose of paracetamol is 60mg/kg in 24 hours but actually 120mg/kg is ok as a one off iyswim.

So has he had a total of more than 900mg of paracetamol?

The important thing is whether or not this is a one off or if he has had too much over a few days as this would be classed as a "staggered overdose" and is more serious.

louii Wed 25-Feb-09 19:04:33

Also you can take Mefenamic acid and paracetamol together.

Was it a 200mg paracetamol tablet?

So prob taken 150mg of paracetamol?

10mg per KG bodyweight for kids
So pretty much correct dosage for weight.

Going by that I woudl not worry m'dear.

herbietea Wed 25-Feb-09 19:05:13

Message withdrawn

shonaspurtle Wed 25-Feb-09 19:05:41


10mg paracetamol per kg body weight = 150mg dose for your ds.

Yes, you do need to phone NHS Direct.

ComeWhineWithMe Wed 25-Feb-09 19:06:27

You will probably worry all night unless you contact nhs direct /a&e .

It is easy done and the doctors will have seen it before I once gave dd calpol and so did dp not knowing I already had (she was fine BTW).

I think more for your own peace of mind you should get some medical advice.

LaDiDaDi Wed 25-Feb-09 19:06:31

The dise of paracetamol that a child will be given in hospital is 15mg/kg max four times per day ie 60mg/kg/24 hours. NOT 10mg/kg.

LaDiDaDi Wed 25-Feb-09 19:07:38

I'm off to bath dd but I will be back.

I'm a doctor who deals with children every day so I hope that what I say is of help to you.

louii Wed 25-Feb-09 19:12:13

Sorry just to query that with the Doc, the 15mg per kg is usually said for hospital administration and 10mg per kg is for home use ie not under medical supervision as such. Would that be your understanding?

Legacy Wed 25-Feb-09 19:14:24

How old is he?

I wouldn't have thought Mefenamic acid would be suitable for a child - did it have a child's dosage on it?

Are you in the UK? Can you phone NHS Direct?

When DH & I did something similar (but with antibiotics) I called them and they checked with the National Poisons Unit (which makes it sound scary, I know).

ErnestTheBavarian Wed 25-Feb-09 19:15:44

This is a 1 off, so not a staggered overdose. He is about 17 kilos and had most of 1 tablet of 500mg paracetamol We are in a foreign country on holiday. Calling nhs direct is just going to say to take him to a & e isn't it?

ErnestTheBavarian Wed 25-Feb-09 19:18:39

he's 5 btw sorry

louii Wed 25-Feb-09 19:21:04

So the max dose for his bodyweight is 255mg going by 15mg per kg.

I think I would phone NHS 24 for advice anyway and you can take it from there.

Mefenemic acid comes in Suspension form for kids by the way so no prob with that.

edam Wed 25-Feb-09 19:21:41

Ernest, I think you do need to go to hospital to be on the safe side. Quickly.

Hope it turns out all is well.

ErnestTheBavarian Wed 25-Feb-09 19:21:49

doc prescribed Mefenamic acid for ds2 yesterday, as he's in pain from ear infection, so did have child dose. as we're on holiday, and all f the kids falling ill, I ran out of the infant neurofen I brought with me, so gave him the Mefenamic acid as it had child doses. dh didn't realise, and also didn't check packet (v. unusual) and gave him paracetamol suitable for from 22 kg

louii Wed 25-Feb-09 19:26:38

If he was 6 the dosage for paracetamol can be 250-500mg every 4-6 hours. This is according to the box i have in the press.
So as a once off I would not panic.

ErnestTheBavarian Wed 25-Feb-09 19:32:46

ok, dh just managed to contact doctor, who said it should be ok, but to get him to drink plenty. blimey. he's so teeny and hot and poorly.

louii Wed 25-Feb-09 19:34:16

Ah your poor wee lad, hope he feels better soon, bad enough them being not well but a bloody nightmare when you are on holiday.
Take care.

LaDiDaDi Wed 25-Feb-09 19:40:10

If your dc came into hospital and then we gae you a prescription for paracetamol then we would prescribe 15mg/kg, even for you to administer at home.

LaDiDaDi Wed 25-Feb-09 19:41:09

Sorry that was for louii.

Hope your ds gets better soon Ernest.

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