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Colonic hydrotherapy (that's colonic irrigation to you and me)

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clary Wed 13-Apr-05 15:54:03

what does anyone think of it? Has anyone had it done? I’m having it tonight (for a feature for my paper in fact, but this is not a request for help with that piece, I’m just interested).
I’ve never had so much reaction from colleagues and family, most men horrified, most women interested.
So, any thoughts?

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 13-Apr-05 16:04:08

Since watching You Are What You Eat I have been quite intrigued by it.

Is it quite an exspensive thing to have done?

Let us know what it's like!

alibubbles Thu 14-Apr-05 19:00:15

I have had two this month and a third booked for Saturday. I'm hooked, because it makes me feel fantastic!

Mine costs £60, seems to be the average.

cod Thu 14-Apr-05 19:01:21

Message withdrawn

fairyfly Thu 14-Apr-05 19:09:28

Where do you get it done?

Can't you just do it at home with hose and coffee while at the same time reaching new heights of intimacy with ones lover?

ChicPea Fri 15-Apr-05 00:00:07

Cod ............... no spelling mistakes in your last post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kama Fri 15-Apr-05 00:26:52

Message withdrawn

sallyenglebertstrawberry Fri 15-Apr-05 00:27:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alibubbles Fri 15-Apr-05 07:40:23

The therapist reccommended every month. I felt really sluggish just before I was going skiiing and it was desperate measure to get into my salopettes!!
She had a cancellation, I'm glad I went again. It is two weeks since I last went, but after this it will be once a month.

Som people need to go more often, but she is really honest and tells you how many she thinks you need, she said it can be just a one off. I just feel so much better, I sleep much better, don't feel tires all the time and don't fart anymore, seeing as my nickname from my nephew is Aunty farty, say no more!!!!

cod Fri 15-Apr-05 08:00:38

Message withdrawn

alibubbles Fri 15-Apr-05 09:44:53

If you want the nitty gritty yucky facts, I now poo normally. I used to poo 5 times before lunch, now I only go twice a day.

I take physillium husk morning and night which helps make for a better formed and more satisfying poo!

I have not had any irritable bowl problems, backache caused by bowel problems, headaches, and my eyes feel clear and bright

Clary, how did you get on with it?

cod Fri 15-Apr-05 13:51:40

Message withdrawn

suzywong Fri 15-Apr-05 13:53:44

where's that link to the gallery of products of do-it-yourself ones

I am deffo going to get it done soon

madgirl Fri 15-Apr-05 14:00:35

i want to do it too. anyone know anywhere good/reputable in sw london?

Fran81 Fri 15-Apr-05 23:59:47

been thinking of it for a while...where do you get it done? I'm in Cambridge...anyone know of anyone nearby?

Fran81 Sat 16-Apr-05 00:00:52

sorry...I meant anywhere...don't really need a list of people in the area that have a good flushing regularly!!!

soapbox Sat 16-Apr-05 00:05:23

Well since my children call me 'fart lady' maybe its time to think of a proper clear out

London recommendations anyone???????

StuartC Sat 16-Apr-05 07:50:22

I could do this - I'm looking for a part time work!
£10 per customer (I couldn't afford any more than that).

StuartC Mon 18-Apr-05 08:02:22

Well! That's killed that thread!

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 08:07:40

I just can't get my head around the ewwwwwwwww factor of this!!!

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 08:08:05

Ewww at me having it done, not at all you wanting it done...

Make sense??

Fran81 Mon 18-Apr-05 22:29:06

would you not reccomend then FS?!

alibubbles Tue 19-Apr-05 10:31:23

I had my third one on Saturday, I feel fantastic!

The candida is far less in evidence now, sleeping better, no wind, bloating and I eat less. It also makes you think about what you est as well.

My therapist recommended another in 3 weeks and then go to 4 weekly and see how it goes.

I can't reccomend it enough.

clary Thu 21-Apr-05 14:08:15

Ok girls I’m sorry I have left this so long. Have been so busy I haven’t been logging on a lot but have a mo now....
(BTW I see I have left it so long cod has started her own thread on it!)
Anyway, I had it last week and it was fine. No pain, slightly uncomfortable when it was working but not a problem. Not embarrassing or icky either really. Therapist said she didn’t think I would need one (eat reasonably healthily and exercise, don’t drink or smoke etc, low bp and not too overweight...) but actually there was loads of impacted matter (is this TMI?) and it took 15 minutes of swooshing water to get it out!!
I felt fine afterwards, did feel good over the next day or so, sort of bubbly and lively, tho still so tired as I always seem to be atm (late to bed every night and too busy every evening).
I apparently shd have another one every 6 months, so not quite in alibubbles league, but then I didn’t really have any of the illnesses etc that it treats (asthma, depression, IBS, etc etc).
She did advise me to eat more roughage (pumpkin seeds) and chew my food better lol
costs £70 for the first one and then £60 btw.

cod Thu 21-Apr-05 14:08:49

Message withdrawn

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