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Coggan's Syndrome - any advice?

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StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Tue 24-Feb-09 10:43:39

My dad after 3 months of being very ill in hospital has finally got a diagnosis, they've decided its Coggan's Syndrome.

I've googled and has some info but just wondering if anyone here has had it or knows anyone with it and can tell any personal expereinces of recovery, etc.

Dad came out of hospital last week and is struggling. His deafness is quite bad, but even worse is the tinnitus and the pressure in his ears. He's got 4 months to wait for hearing aids and the doctor said the ear aids may help. Dad's concerned they won't. He says it feels like his ears are blocked and at times he can feel "water" dripping/rattling in his ears. But when the Dr has looked in his ears they say its clear and that the symptoms are due to nerve damage.

His mobility is bad and he was under the impression initially that this was because he spent 4 or 5 weeks bedridden in hospital. He thought once he built the muscle back up he would be OK. However is stamina seems to change on a daily basis. One day he can manage the stairs at his girlfriend's house a couple of times, the next he can only get halfway and then needs a rest. He's now worrying that somehow the nerve damage means he will never get his stamina back. He can be very dizzy and wobbly at times as well.

He's having chemo every 3 weeks at the minute as treatment, and then will probably be changed to steriods. He's not having any physio, but has been given exercises to do?

Any advice would be very good, please.


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