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Trapped nerve in back

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mummytopebs Mon 23-Feb-09 22:18:31

I had this for around 18mth after prenancy, slipped over last week and its come back. Any advice ?

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CarGirl Mon 23-Feb-09 22:19:34

go to an osteopath, I suffered for 2 weeks before going and the relief is blissful!

lou33 Mon 23-Feb-09 22:19:46

you need a muscle relaxant to enable the nerve to be come untrapped

i normally get prescribed valium for it in a small dose

i feel utmost sympathy

mummytopebs Mon 23-Feb-09 22:25:03

Does yours feel numb when it is trapped? It feels weird, i had an mri with it before to check no disks slipped and that came back ok so must be the nerve

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lou33 Mon 23-Feb-09 22:27:31

trapped nerves usually give a shooting pain

CarGirl Mon 23-Feb-09 22:30:40

Mine was in my upper back so had pins & needles in my fingers and pain all down my arm.

mummytopebs Mon 23-Feb-09 22:37:12

This is in my upper back kinda below my shoulder but just feels numb and tingly and aches like mad. Do you think it is a trapped nerve then if no shooting pain?

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CarGirl Mon 23-Feb-09 22:43:30

I didn't have shooting pains it was pretty much constant. Go to the GP.

lou33 Mon 23-Feb-09 22:51:02

mine was lower back, maybe thats why i had shooting pains

made me yell when i had to lift shopping and wheelchairs etc

CarGirl Mon 23-Feb-09 22:58:39

when I had sciatica it was shooting pains!! My back is a bit of a mess!

Lozzie82 Fri 22-Nov-19 19:02:26

Hiya I know your thread is old but I’m having the same problem did you ever find out what caused the pins and needles please?
Laura x

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