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Can I give pain relief alongside homeopathic remedies?

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HappyMumof2 Tue 12-Apr-05 18:15:11

Message withdrawn

Socci Tue 12-Apr-05 18:17:34

Message withdrawn

bundle Tue 12-Apr-05 18:25:02

of course you can

Jimjams Tue 12-Apr-05 18:26:42

You can give pain relief alongside them- it won't affect the homeopathic remedy. Homeopaths are often against supressing fever for all sorts of reasons, and I suspect a full blooded homeopath wouldn't give them. But I probably would (eek- I'll probably look at this post in 5 years time and shake with horror at my advice )

Jimjams Tue 12-Apr-05 18:27:33

That's a lot of remedies! What type of homeopath did you see?

HappyMumof2 Tue 12-Apr-05 18:34:23

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Tue 12-Apr-05 18:42:04

Ah that makes sense- I was interested as some homeopaths do give multiple remedies to take at once-it's a contentious issue, but the school mI'm studying at is very against it!

oatcake Tue 12-Apr-05 18:50:52

all I'm aware of is that tea/coffee should be avoided, nothing to have passed the lips for 20 mins before taking remedy and keep ingestion of mint to a minimum including toothpastes I think...

try colloidal silver as well. it worked a treat for my tonsillitis.

HappyMumof2 Tue 12-Apr-05 19:33:59

Message withdrawn

oatcake Tue 12-Apr-05 19:34:52

lol! will speak to homeopath friend!

HappyMumof2 Tue 12-Apr-05 19:38:15

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Tue 12-Apr-05 19:52:04

You can crush and give if you want- I give them whole I just tell ds1 and ds2 that they're sweeties and they eat them (and ds1 spits out everything- even small tabs like melatonin). They only taste like sugar.

Don't worry about the not toughing thing- its fine for mother/child (according to my homeopathy tutor).

HappyMumof2 Tue 12-Apr-05 19:55:22

Message withdrawn

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