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AD's & Alcohol

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mands1 Fri 04-Apr-03 19:53:58

Just taken my anti-depressant with a large swig of beer.Two sheets to the wind and was wondering if anyone else thinks that alcohol reacts quicker with ad's.

Is it just me or does everyone with PND turn into trainee alcoholic not funny i guess if you have a drink problem but am worried about swapping one problem for another

Chiccadum Fri 04-Apr-03 19:59:47

Have you sent me your e-mail again yet?

It's a difficult one with the alcohol and anti-depressants, most of them say that you are not supposed to drink alcohol AT ALL, mainly because it stops the anti-depressant from working, but I think everyone likes to have a drink usually at the end of the week and having a quick drink now has probably lightened your mood so you feel two sheets to the wind

Have you always taken them at night, I used to take mine before I went to bed but it kept me awake so I switched to first thing.

As long as you know what you are doing and have support from your dh/dp you probably won't switch one problem for another.

hmb Fri 04-Apr-03 20:20:47

It may depend on the AD. I know that alcohol does not prevent tricyclic antidepressants from working, eg Dothiapin,aka prothiaden. The reason there is a warning on the label not to take with alcohol is that the AD can make you drowsy, and the alcohol also makes you drowsy, and putting the two effects together is not a good idea. They can both affect your reaction times etc. The AD does not increase your blood alcohol or the absorbtion of the alcohol. The alcohol shouldn't affect the absorbtion or effect of the AD. But the separate effects can be additive.


Chinchilla Fri 04-Apr-03 20:21:15

On a lighter note - at least you are a cheap date Seriously though, I do notice myself reacting to alcohol more quickly since being on ADs. However, I subscribe to the theory that a little of what you fancy does you good. So have one, but not a whole bottle!

Chiccadum Fri 04-Apr-03 20:54:34

Which one are you on Chinchilla, it must be just me that drinking and ad's have no effect on

mands1 Fri 04-Apr-03 21:02:35

thanks chinchilla a smile was raised not offten that happens.(she said opening her 4th can)

Chinchilla Sun 06-Apr-03 12:06:36

I'm on Cipralex Chiccadum.

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