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Elena's nature collection

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lisalisa Tue 12-Apr-05 12:32:26

Message withdrawn

FimblesAddict Tue 12-Apr-05 13:24:33

Hi, my ds (6 months) also has eczema and I recently found the Elena website - she's now selling samples that are only a couple of quid - they're only small but might be enough for you to try it on an isolated patch for a while and see if it's worth forking out for big tubs of cream? HTH.

Tissy Tue 12-Apr-05 13:27:00

Yes, we use Elena's creams. Dd's eczema is not bad now, but her creams seem to work well for her flare-ups. They smell gorgeous too!

Oil Tue 12-Apr-05 13:54:28

I used Elena's Trinity soap/shampoo and day cream, night cream and oil - must have spent about £100 in total which is a lot for us but so totally worth it because it worked for ds (when he was about 4m old I think - now 18m). The soap in particular was good as we would wet his sore patches (face, head and legs mostly) wrap him in a soft towel then I'd cuddle/feed him and rinse it off after about 15 mins, and I got the impression that it was soothing for him, Poor soul, he used to scratch in his sleep until he bled and I got all panicky and thought 'they' would take him away from me. He spent weeks with socks over his hands right up to the armpit to stop him pulling them off, and always a soft hat on, and we tried whatever blinge the GP gave us (diprobase and something else) but although I'm not daft about chemicals and do realise that everything is made of chemicals, I did some homework on all of Elena's ingredients and just felt I trusted her products. Anyway, long way of saying that they worked for us and i never had any regrets about spending the money - needed something to make ME feel better as much as ds, was a totally miserable time and fwiw I believe that his bad skin got better when I stopped giving him 'top up' feeds of powder formula (when I went back to work and didn't have much luck expressing) and swapped to either goat milk formula or ready made aptamil in cartons - again, expensive but no regrets, I was glad to make do without other stuff and get him sorted out.

Anyway, hope this is helpful though bearing in mind your dd's age perhaps spare her the socks up to the armpits and hope you can find the money. You should also be able to speak to Elena over the phone if you want her opinion on what might work best, but we just did a mix and match, using day cream at night or night cream in the day and still use the oil after bath time as ds likes being stroked and it's part of the bedtime routine.

Hope you weren't after a short answer - good luck.

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