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Manuka it safe to give to toddlers? Would you? Have you? Why?

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tiredandwornoutmum Tue 17-Feb-09 21:00:58

Thats it really! Ds (3.6) always seems to have a cold etc, so thought I would give it ago, and just wanted to check what other people do.


silverfrog Tue 17-Feb-09 21:05:53

Can't think why not.

You're nt supposed to give honey under 1 year (although the risk is tiny), but after that I think it's ok.

I have given it to both my girls - dd1 has had it from around 2 or so (4.6 now, but has it very infrequently)

dd2 probably first had it under a year (bad mother) and has certainly had it regularly since, as she steals her dad's toast often, and he has manuka honey allthe time! She also has had teaspoonfuls of it to help with colds, and has her own toast and honey too. she has just turned 2.

CharleeInChains Tue 17-Feb-09 21:09:06

My DS has Manuka Honey 3 times a day everyday he has a +15 strength one it costs a bomb but there is some scientific research that it is fantastic for children with Cystic Fibrosis so i give it to him.

For cold and things you should get Childrens Echinacea drops, DS also has them its fab for the immune system.

tiredandwornoutmum Tue 17-Feb-09 21:09:19

Thats great silverfrog...I don't know why not either..just wanted some confirmation before I gave him some!

tiredandwornoutmum Tue 17-Feb-09 21:10:58

Charlieinchains: how old is your ds? And I will try the drops too, thankyou!

CharleeInChains Tue 17-Feb-09 21:12:40

DS is 4 but has been having it since he was 2. I stopped giving it to him for a few months at XMas time this year as i ran out and couldn't afford more and he grew a really nasty chest bug which we are currently battling, so im a big Manuka fan! grin

You can get the drops from Holland and Barrett, childrens ones so they taste nicer.

Eilat Thu 15-Jan-15 13:23:52

Hi please I need some advice my daughter is 6+ and she is cofing very strong can I give her manuka honey??

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