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Would it be unrealistic of me to ask my dentist to defer my filling for 4 months?

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Saltire Tue 17-Feb-09 08:50:24

I am due to get one in 2 weeks. I cannot go on my own,and DH is away for 4 months. I can't go. I just can't, but what are the chnaces of them letting me put it off for so long?

MrsBadger Tue 17-Feb-09 09:23:01

if NHS, slim

if private, good

2pt4kids Tue 17-Feb-09 09:26:21

Take someone else?

Saltire Tue 17-Feb-09 09:38:11

Who else can I take though?
It's NHS!

AMumInScotland Tue 17-Feb-09 09:39:52

I don't think you have to have fillings done, even if they are needed. But you should check with them that it wouldn't get you dropped off their list if you don't go ahead with recommended treatment.

Do you not have any babysitters at all?

Saltire Tue 17-Feb-09 09:57:22

No babysitters, but it's not the babysitters thats the problem here. it's me. I have a fear of dentists. I am ok with going if I know it's only going to be a check-up. If I need something done though I actually start to hyperventialte and get very stressed and panicky.
When I lived in Fife the dentist needed me to get a tooth removed and she referred me to the dental hopsital, where I was sedated and the tooth removed (with DH gowned up beside me). The dentist here won't do that thogh, says there is no need, but I do struggle a bit communicating with him as he is Lithuanian and of course his accnet and mine don't really get ongrin

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Tue 17-Feb-09 10:00:14

The one I work at wipes your chart after 3 months as things can have changed so much by then, so you'd have to start all over again.

You can definitely be deregistered for failing to return too, so if you do plan this I would discuss it with them first so they don't think you have just disappeared.

Also it could be something that would turn nasty after that length of time and need extracted/root treated, but only the dentist will be able to tell you how deep it is and how urgent etc.

Saltire Tue 17-Feb-09 10:05:07

He said it's needing filled because it's broken!
If they would let me get in this week it wouldn't be a problem, but they won't

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Tue 17-Feb-09 10:36:32

I'm afraid I am a mere receptionist, all I can tell you is we don't get a lot of people leaving broken teeth for 4 months, they tend to be more urgent. I wouldn't want to advise you about anything clinical though!

AMumInScotland Tue 17-Feb-09 10:37:15

Can you explain to the receptionist/nurse just how much of a problem this is for you, if the dentist's accent is making it difficult? It sounds like it's going to need treatment if it's got broken, that's not something which is going to be ok to leave.

MrsMattie Tue 17-Feb-09 10:38:06

My dentist will defer fillings. I usually go, find out I need a filling (my teeth are so crap I often nee done sad), and then make another appointment to have one (usually for 2-4 weeks later) as I hate fillings and need tiome to work up to them (seriously!). But 4 months is a long time. If it's a big cavity it may start to really hurt sad

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Tue 17-Feb-09 10:39:50

I must point out though, as a receptionist, even if something is urgent, we dont have magic powers to make a space appear if the dentist is all booked up, sadly, even if you explain it is a problem. We do get lots of cancellations though so its worth ringing every morning in case you can get an appointment this week.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Tue 17-Feb-09 10:40:53

And I really understand that you feel you can't go for four months, and it's very hard for you, but sadly from their point of view if they are offering you an appointment in a couple of weeks and you are choosing not to take it, for whatever reason, they are not being negligent. sad

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Tue 17-Feb-09 10:41:27

(don't think i am a mean old receptionist though, if i have someone in your situation I make a note of their name and call them as soon as we get a cancellation) smile

olivo Tue 17-Feb-09 11:42:22

saltire, can you go to your Gp and get something prescribed for you to take? I am also frightened of the dentist but my Gp was great when i drummed up the courage to mention it and gave me some diazepam to take. It didnt knock me out but calmed my anxiety symptoms so i was able to get through the door without throwing up like usual. i even went back for treatment!

good luck, i know where you are coming from.

serenity Tue 17-Feb-09 12:14:56

Is it causing you pain? I broke a chunk off a tooth that had previously had root canal work and waited a very long time (about 6 months blush) before getting it sorted (also phobic, and skint!)

Without wanting to push you, this might actually be a blessing in disguise. I used to have severe problems with dentists - checkups made me cry, any treatment had to be done under intravenous Valium (expensive but oh so worth it) Then I had godawful toothache just as I found out I was pg with DS2 - I couldn't get knocked out, but I had to have treatment, the pain was unbearable. Going through the whole treatment awake was a nightmare, but it's calmed my fears slightly. I can get through check ups now, and just about do treatment (still cry and get the shakes, but I can do it) I still loathe Dentists though and would happily never go there again if it wasn't for setting a good example for the DCs!

Is there anyone else who could go with you?

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