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Eye people - come and help me please!

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NotDottydotOhNoCosILeftAgesAgo Mon 16-Feb-09 19:51:01

OK, not that I come back to MN for advice when I need it but...

I've started getting a weird pattern in front of my eyes- lasts for ages (hours) and it's always the same shape - a big hoop which looks a bit crystal-y. Where the hoop is, distorts the vision, although I can see in all the other bits around it.

I'm having it now so thought I'd ask.

Ironically, I've just had my eyes checked out by the Royal Eye Hospital in Manchester (I've got a lump behind one of them and have annual check ups) and have been given the all clear.

Any ideas? Don't really want to go to the GP but it's a bit weird....

steviesgirl Mon 16-Feb-09 21:57:47

It sounds like it may be a floater. Is it a bit like a transparent thread in appearance and does it move slowly?

Floaters are common. I have loads of them as I'm short-sighted. Floaters aren't anything to worry about it's just where the vitreous jelly in the eye has broken away and you can see it in your field of vision.

DottyDot Mon 16-Feb-09 22:02:39

Hi - thanks for answering! grin Yes, it's like a thread in a circle - I can see it with both eyes but it kind of feels like it's in my left eye. I'm short sighted as well.

OK, will see how it goes - would it be usual to have the 'same' one then - it keeps coming back in the same shape, same place?

steviesgirl Mon 16-Feb-09 22:17:55

Yes. They will always be the same shape and in the same place. They sometimes go on their own eventually.

Like I said, I have loads of them and most of them I still recognise in my vision from ages ago; they don't usually cause me any problems as your brain teaches your vision to ignore them. I can always see them far more on a plain surface like looking up at the sky or ceiling, but most of the time I forget they are there.

I had one or two once, but when my eyesight got worse loads appeared overnight!

DottyDot Mon 16-Feb-09 22:20:28

Wow - thank you - that's really helpful and I'll definitely stop stressing and enjoy the floaty patterns...!

chipmonkey Mon 16-Feb-09 22:35:03

Actually, Dotty, what you're describing is not a floater as you have it in both eyes. It sounds to me far more like a migraine aura.
It starts out with a "visual disturbance" which lasts for at least 20 minutes, maybe more. It can start at one point and then spread out. Eventually it goes and you might or might not get a headache. If you do get a headache it is true migraine. If you don't it is "silent migraine"

DottyDot Tue 17-Feb-09 19:23:19

Aah - that actually makes sense! I've kind of been diagnosed with having migraines but they're atypical - I went into hospital following one a few years ago which gave me paralysis in one arm and across my face.

Recently I've had a few very bad headaches - have been given something by my GP but haven't taken them yet.

The floaty things tend to come with a headache, but sometimes not....

Looks like the migraines are kind of coming back then but thankfully no paralysis, which was very scary....!

Thanks Chipmonkey for your CAT message as well smile

chipmonkey Tue 17-Feb-09 21:00:21

Can't just have normal migraines like the rest of us, Dot? You have to have your own special ones?grin

blondieminx Tue 17-Feb-09 22:54:34

DottyDot I would recommend acupuncture to treat your migraines - I have suffered for over ten years with them getting one every 3 months or so. Had 3 sessions of acupuncture early last year and have only had 3 migraines since. Can't recommend it enough

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