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Infected tonsils, high temp

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MarsLady Sun 15-Feb-09 14:59:46

Does it need antibiotics to clear or can it run its course?


BennyAndSwoon Sun 15-Feb-09 15:31:02

I have always had ABs for tonsils.

DS1 (20) had a golf ball sized tonsil last week - shortest dr's appointment ever - 2 mins and he came back out with a script.

Who has it?

BennyAndSwoon Sun 15-Feb-09 15:36:50

amusing article expressing the sheer horror of tonsilitis

MarsLady Sun 15-Feb-09 15:43:58

Thanks Benny smile

BennyAndSwoon Sun 15-Feb-09 15:53:15

so is it you who has it?

<<sympathetic pat on back>>

MarsLady Mon 16-Feb-09 00:11:00

No not me fortunately, just my poor mate who has no internet access this week.

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