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Can you really smell a cold coming? Seen this post from Zazen...

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becklespeckle Sat 14-Feb-09 17:34:32

I was reading the Kleenex tips and saw this one from Zazen

...And if you smell nitrous oxide on anyone's breath, hold you own breath and turn away to breathe - their nose is making this gas to kill bugs they already have and they are infectious. Nitrous oxide smells 'cold' and metallic...

I always swear I can smell when my DCs and DH are getting a cold and am usually right, the smell is just as Zazen describes.

DH and my friends think I am mad - does anyone know the science behind this so I can be all knowing when I tell DH I am right?

WowOoo Sat 14-Feb-09 17:36:28

What does nitrous oxide smell like? Cold and metallic?! Like a spoon or what?
Really want to know now.

becklespeckle Sat 14-Feb-09 17:37:21

It's hard to describe, a bit metallic like a spoon but also cold like the smell of someone when they have been outside...

ChampagneAndStrawberries Sat 14-Feb-09 17:39:10

I do get a metallicy smell in my own nose when I have a cold. And DH always claims that he can smell a cold on people. But then DH claims many things, so I wouldn't make him a cornerstone of your argument...

abbierhodes Sat 14-Feb-09 17:40:54

My mom and MIL both insist that kids 'smell ill' before they become ill. IME, they are always right.

becklespeckle Sat 14-Feb-09 17:48:31

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one smells it anyway!

Have googled but can't find anything.

LightShinesInTheDarkness Sat 14-Feb-09 17:52:39

I agree with this, I can definitely smell the start of a cold on my DCs.

NoNickname Sat 14-Feb-09 17:53:01

I can smell it too but it doesn't smell cold and metallic to me, it smells more like antiseptic or pear drops or an aldehyde smell.

PeppermintPatty Sat 14-Feb-09 18:07:04

Me too, I can smell this. I can also smell when someone is hungry.

loopylou6 Sat 14-Feb-09 18:12:46

yes i get this, i thought i was just a weirdo, turns out i aint yippee grin

becklespeckle Tue 17-Feb-09 13:15:34

I'm glad so many others can smell a cold too! Can't smell when someone is hungry though!

Can smell bread going stale (when it is still soft and only a day old) and milk going off (before anyone else can). Wonder if it is in the mind some of it?

becklespeckle Tue 17-Feb-09 13:15:52

Or if some people just have really sensitive noses???

belgo Tue 17-Feb-09 13:17:27

I've noticed this too, I can always smell my dc's snot when they have a cold, only if I gat close to them though.

thumbwitch Tue 17-Feb-09 13:19:42

I can smell when someone's "not right" although I'd be pushed to say I knew they were going down with a cold.

Nonickname - I'd be worried about the aldehyde smell, that's often associated with diabetics with poorly controlled blood sugar.

I can smell the weather changing though!

morningpaper Tue 17-Feb-09 13:21:22

My eldest definitely smells funny when she is coming down with something

Not sure if I could describe the smell though! sort of animal-ly and rotten....

ComeWhineWithMe Tue 17-Feb-09 13:22:16

Yep I always notice a metallic smell to my dc when they are coming down with a bug I have even said to dp before that they smell poorly.

thumbwitch Tue 17-Feb-09 13:22:31

sickly sweet, morningpaper? like meat that's going off?

morningpaper Tue 17-Feb-09 13:23:12

yes sort of sickly sweet and ... yellow smelling hmm

nickytwotimes Tue 17-Feb-09 13:23:25

Oh yes, sore throats make your breath stink.

cheesesarnie Tue 17-Feb-09 13:24:36

my mum swears she can.when i smell them when she says she can smell poorly feeling on them(iyswim)-all i smell is a kind of daffodil smellgrin.

thumbwitch Tue 17-Feb-09 13:25:25

sickly sweet/ rotting meat smell = volatile nitrogens, so similar I suppose to release of nitrous oxides.
<toddles off to look this up cos it's really quite interesting>

morningpaper Tue 17-Feb-09 13:26:30

yes that IS interesting, I would like to know

Because I say to DH "DD smells ill" and he goes hmm

becklespeckle Tue 17-Feb-09 13:26:33

I can smell weather changes too Thumbwitch!

I am so glad I'm not totally mad grin

cheesesarnie Tue 17-Feb-09 13:27:19

do you say 'tut tut,smells like rain'??smile

becklespeckle Tue 17-Feb-09 13:27:51

Ooh yes, let us know what you find! I have googled but haven't found any science to back this all up yet

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