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Water - do you drink enough? How??

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Legacy Mon 11-Apr-05 13:40:38

Yes..... I KNOW I should drink 6-8 cups a day, and I KNOW that when I do I feel a whole load better, and that my IBS is better, and my skin is better....

But how do I do it? I love my cups of tea (mostly) and I just find cold water so bland and boring, and well, socially 'dull' !

Has anyone seriously changed their drinking habits for the better, and if so, HOW??????

kama Mon 11-Apr-05 13:45:46

Message withdrawn

suzywong Mon 11-Apr-05 13:48:44

get a 2 litre clear plastic bottle, fill it up and keep it in the fridge and just try to neck as much of it as you can throughout the day, have a glass every time you get your milk for you tea from the fridge for instance.

It is easier said than done, I'll admit

Looneymum Mon 11-Apr-05 13:48:50

I use a straw. Strangely enough I seem to be able to get pints of water down without noticing it!

dinosaur Mon 11-Apr-05 13:53:11

I find it easier at work than at home - probably because the air conditioning makes the air drier so I feel thirstier. I buy a 1.5 litre bottle and keep it on my desk and usually manage to drink it during the afternoon. I also drink some water when I get up and quite a bit in the evening and during the night (still breastfeeding, so I find I need it).

Like lots of other things, it becomes a habit and now I find I feel really parched if I don't drink quite a lot.

kama Mon 11-Apr-05 13:55:55

Message withdrawn

kama Mon 11-Apr-05 13:56:12

Message withdrawn

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