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Verrucas - how long to treat?

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PrettyCandles Fri 13-Feb-09 12:14:57

The packet says up to 3 months, but I'm nearing the end of the 3rd month and they're not gone yet. This despite having removed layer upon layer of skin.

What do I do now?

smudgie2626 Fri 13-Feb-09 12:18:16

Go to chemist and ask for the verruca freeze spray .. one application .. used on three kids and worked. failing that use gaffa tape.

smudgie2626 Fri 13-Feb-09 12:19:05

Oh .. by the way, all three kids screamed when i sprayed them. Thought i had better add that cos it is very cold and does hurt a tad.

rempy Fri 13-Feb-09 12:19:07

Was going to suggest the same. Get the dry ice out. Works a treat.

PrettyCandles Fri 13-Feb-09 12:33:05

It's for my foot - I'll have to get dh to pin me down and treat me.

(LOL - that sounds very shockwinkgrin)

But the vile things are right on the weight-bearing ball of my foot, will the freezing stuff make them swell or anything to make it harder for me to walk? I do a lot of walking.

smudgie2626 Fri 13-Feb-09 12:43:32

not at all, soon as verruca drops off, normally about 30 seconds there is no pain.

PrettyCandles Fri 13-Feb-09 12:44:26

Right - I'm off to Boots!


Weegle Fri 13-Feb-09 12:47:05

the freeze spray didn't work on mine - despite 6 applications (max it says). Doctor prescribed Avoca - it's a caustic pencil. 3 gone, one on it's way out. Stubborn as hell mine have been but this has been the only thing that's made a difference. It does turn the area black though just to warn!

BCNS Fri 13-Feb-09 12:50:09

ohh I got veruccas when I was PG.. blush I cut them out with a scalpel blush they never came back tho

smudgie2626 Fri 13-Feb-09 13:23:15

too late lol .. i think shes gone to boots. oooppssss

lazymumofteenagesons Fri 13-Feb-09 18:38:40

Get gp to freeze them off. Are they same as wart? Tell receptionist that is what you want and they get the cannister ready. BTW it hurts but only needs once/twice.

Otherwise leave them and they do go on their own within about 4 months wink

PrettyCandles Sat 14-Feb-09 22:51:32

Dh refuses to pin me down. angry (On Valentine's!)

He says I should see a chiropodist.

I ain't leaving these. I had one pin-point verruca: I left it for 8 years, it slowly grew, and last autumn suddenly sprouted 3 satellites. So much for the 'they go away on their own if you leave them long enough' theory.

SlightlyMadScotland Sat 14-Feb-09 22:59:03


Has nobdy mentioned banana skin yet?

Stick a piece of banana skin fleshy side down on teh verucca. Tape it on with plasters/micropore tape. After 24hrs remove, wipe with a baby wipe and reaply banana.

You will see nothing for first few days - but within 7-10days or so you will see that the verucca starts to detatch itself from the underlying skin. A few days later it will literally drop off. Don't fiddle with it or pick at it during the process.. Just keep applying banana and let it drop off. Just make sure it is all gone before you stop treating or it will come back (I made this mistake with one of DTDs.

Painless. No peeling of bazooka type treatments. no freezing. It just drops off. Search the archives if you don't believe me.

HandbagCrumb Sat 14-Feb-09 23:03:36

Get pregnant
I had a mountain of verrucas (about 15 -20) in the same place as you for 10 years shockand tried everything.
Then i got pregnant with dd1 and i got up one day and they had gone,just like my body had absorbed them as their was no mark nothing.

Sidge Sat 14-Feb-09 23:07:25

They're caused by a virus. The different treatments just manage them they don't always get rid of them. Occasionally you can freeze out the blood supply (the black speckled bits) and it will go, but you might get more elsewhere.

You could ask if your practice nurse offers cryotherapy.

SlightlyMadScotland Sat 14-Feb-09 23:09:11

None of the treatments actually kill the virus AFAIK....they essentially just kill the infected skin, removing the virus with it.

ChampagneDahling Sun 15-Feb-09 16:27:41

DD had aggressive verruca - survived bazuka, self spray, everything - eventually went to lovely chiropodist and had acid and freeze treatment - stroppy little b****d lasted 18 months till it finally died. angry. Good news is we are now best friends with chiropodist !! grin - and they stopped charging us after a year !!

Milliways Sun 15-Feb-09 18:24:21

Duct tape is recommended by our GP's and it works!

I had a family of veruccas with a permanent lease on my foot. They defied extra strength bazooka, Wartner, Trimming by CHiropdist, but the duct tape killed them off!

It's cheap & painless. Takes a few weeks but brilliant - AND scientifically proven to be as effective as some chemicals.

HerbWoman Sun 15-Feb-09 21:23:12

Banana skin is useful for drawing out splinters too.

PrettyCandles Mon 16-Feb-09 10:05:55

I may try the banana skin. The quantities of banana skin ds2 leaves lying around (without ever eating the banana, BTW) there is a never-ending supply to use.

Else I'll just add referal to a chiropodist to the arm-long list of things I have to ask the GP about myself.

Honestly, if verrucas weren't less trouble than children, I'd just try Handbag's solution!

SlightlyMadScotland Mon 16-Feb-09 17:58:45

You don't actually need fresh banana daily - you can stick it in a poly bag in teh fridge for a couple of days.

I have heard that black banana skin is better - although I haven't tested that theory. It goes black overnight anyway.

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