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Has anybody used the Direct Health 2000 service?

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Amberlilli Mon 11-Apr-05 08:55:09

Is it very expensive?
Is there a long wait to see a doctor?
I can't get an appointment at my doctors today, any advice?

Twiglett Mon 11-Apr-05 08:58:27

Yes (I've used it for sep vax)

Don't know about just an appointment basis

I would be fuming if I couldn't get to see a doctor when I needed to and would kick up a fuss,

is it an emergency? why can't you have an appointment with regular doc?

Marina Mon 11-Apr-05 09:08:50

Haven't used its GP services. Sepvax service is very good. If you are thinking of using DH2000 for an emergency appointment, are you in the part of SE London covered by the GRABADOC out of hours service? I find that waiting til 6.01pm and ringing them can sometimes be quicker than hassling my GP, although the latter is much better recently.

Amberlilli Mon 11-Apr-05 09:20:38

I think I've got tonsillitus, is that an emergency?
I've been told to ring back at 3 to see if there is a cancellation.
Yes Marina I'm in Eltham I probably should have rung grabadoc last night!
Thanks for your advice girls!

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