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Fear of Spiders - HELP!!!

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kissalot Mon 11-Apr-05 07:46:13

Hi, I have a big problem with spiders( its making me feel funny just typing it). I have always been scared of spiders but it seems to have got worse in recent years. If I see one I cannot control myself (I scream!) and I have tried not to so that DD's won't be the same but the eldest one hates them too now. (My mum is the same) If I see one I tremble, get cold sweat and goosebumps and literally feel sick. I can only rarely get the courage to kill them. It makes me dread cleaning the bathroom and I'm a bag of nerves when I do the house work. Its never knowing where they are or if one will run across the floor etc.

I know its really pathetic (DP often tells me so!) but I can't help it.

Does anyone feel the same or have any advice for me.

nailpolish Mon 11-Apr-05 07:57:26

its not pathetic, its a great excuse not to hoover behind the sofa!

seriously though, i have curbed a little of my spider phobia by taking dd to butterfly world where they let you handle the insects and spiders. i didnt do it myself (NOOOOOOO WAAAAAAY)

but i let dd1 do it, and i thought that was brave of me

kid Mon 11-Apr-05 08:00:12

I am similar to ypu but I don't scream. I won't stay in the same room as them and DH has to get rid of the spider. If he doesn't, I know it will turn up somewhere else which makes me nervous.

I swear, there can be a room full of people and the spider will come to me.
(DD just noticed a tiny spider climbing on the wall next to me

DH moans at me for being silly with spiders. My DD and DS are not scared of them, I get them to remove the small spiders for me
I personally think DH is scared of them too, which is why he moans when I make him get them!

kissalot Mon 11-Apr-05 08:10:34

You may have a point there - DP has a right moan about having to kill them!! Is there any thing you can spray on spiders to kill them? (Sorry animal lovers!) But then again I'm so terrified of them I struggle to even pick up a dead body. Uuuuurrgghh

nailpolish Mon 11-Apr-05 08:12:08

i spray them with hairspray to 'freeze' them sorry

SeaShells Mon 11-Apr-05 08:16:27

I have a huge fear of spiders too, luckily the flat I'm in now I've not yet actually seen one - touch wood!

I used to only be able to either throw the yellow pages or a big heavy book at them or hoover them up as I couldn't face being within about 2 metres of them - until one day when emptying the hoover a big spider I'd hoovered up days earlier came crawling out covered in dust - eurgghhhh

breeze Mon 11-Apr-05 08:19:43

Its not pathetic we all have something we are scared of, mine is snakes, I freak out if I see them on telly.

I did used to be scared of spiders, but then again so is DH, but when DS freaked out about having a big one in his bedroom, I just went int here and took scare of it, like a pro, then went out and almost threw up . Must admit I am fine with them now, just not the snakes, come to think of it, worms, anything with no legs really.

piffle Wed 13-Apr-05 21:39:53

yes me....
DH was away recently I always have nightmares about spiders
Well one night there was this huge brown one right on floor nest to my side of bed, not moving.
I got dd (2yo) out of her bed to sleep with me
HUH how was she going to save me?????
Anyway I was still unable to sleep and finally at 2am got enough courage to blow on it (to see if it would move)
About 35 mins after that I established it was dead
I still lay awake trembling and sweating
Iam really bad with large moths too, paralysed with fear, summer time is battle to keep windows closed when lights are on inside at night...

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