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Flight nerves

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mcmum Sun 10-Apr-05 20:59:46

Hello all, fairly new to mumsnet but finding it most useful. Going to Florida at the end of may and suffer from panic attacks ! also recently had mirena coil fitted but still having horendous periods and contraction like cramps and due on again on the day i fly any top tips would be most appreciated as im already panicing about it .

Flossam Sun 10-Apr-05 21:01:42

Go and see your GP. They may prescribe you a ild tranqualiser if your lucky! Don't know what to suggest about the period though, Hope it goes well.

mcmum Sun 10-Apr-05 21:05:54

flossam, thanks had diazapam last time on longhaul flight ten yrs ago just knocked me out but have two children in tow this time might give it a go though.

thedogmother Sun 10-Apr-05 21:09:04

Tell your doc about the period coinciding with the holiday - there are pills you can take which will delay your period, I've used these and have found them really useful. They're a form of H.R. I think!

LoubieLou04 Sun 10-Apr-05 21:10:15

Last year all my friends were listening to the Paul McKenna hypnotherapy cd and all got through their flights. One even traveled through america and at one point went on a small propeller plane over the grand canyon and before this trip she was petrified of planes.

mcmum Sun 10-Apr-05 21:19:24

i have not heard of this cd any idea where i can get one anythings worth a try. At least I know its just a panic attack but the thought of having a one and being stuck on plane for 9 hours and its not like i can tell them to open the window or i need to get off please ! Went to majorca last year on 3hr flight and after initial 1hr was ok and managed to read myself out of it, its just 9 hours seems so long. I cannot wait to get there it just seems like forever in between, really appreciate comments hope you dont think im mad !

LoubieLou04 Sun 10-Apr-05 21:20:41

Will ask my friend where she got if from.

mcmum Sun 10-Apr-05 21:21:59

thanks again, look forward to hearing from you.

LoubieLou04 Sun 10-Apr-05 21:31:44

She got hers from Amazon. Also I've just done a google search and found them on Would do link but a bit complex for me. Don't think she suddenly developed a love of flying but found some sort of ritual or coping mechanism to deal with the fear. She would put it on everynight when got into bed. Guess anything is worth a try.

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