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Terrified about lump in vaginal canal

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Tamz77 Wed 11-Feb-09 23:22:31

Part-time poster here, up late in tears because of something I found inside my vaginal canal about a month ago.

It's about 2 inches in, in an upwards direction, on the anterior wall, and it's about the size of a pea.

I found it, waited a week to go to the doc's to be sure it was 'really there', then I made my appointment. Two GPs couldn't feel it, it was the worst examination of my life. The first doc was a junior and when she couldn't find it she went and got an older more senior (female) colleague, who was obviously pissed off at being disturbed. She flew into the room rolling her eyes and asking me "Why, why, WHY are you poking around down there? What makes you think it's CANCER?!?!" in these exaggerated, operatic tones. Well, I was worried because I've had abnormal smears and had to have colposcopy/loop excision in 2004. I had clear tests subsequently but still, I'm scared.

Anyway they made me feel so terrible I'm scared to go back. They treated me like a hypochondriac or madwoman, as if I've got nothing better to do than skip work for the morning to go and have two strangers putting their hands up me. And I hardly ever go to the doctor about anything (hence them being strangers). Also, the lump is inside me, I can't point to it and say "look, there it is", I explained it as best I could and don't know what else I could have done.

After several days in shock (having expected the lump to be noted and me to be sent off for relevant checks), I phoned back and asked to be referred to a gynae which they have done but not with any urgency, I'm on the standard waiting list, could be months. I've booked a nurse's appointment for a smear and an appointment at my local well-woman clinic to see if they can feel the lump. Not sure what else to do as I can't afford any kind of private examinations.

What I'm asking for in between the moaning about my very unempathetic GP is whether anyone has had experience of this kind of lump before. I'm vaguely aware of my internal topography and it's definitely new, it's completely round in apparently 3D, and inside the vaginal wall rather than on the skin surface (hence me thinking it's something more than just a 'skin tag'). I don't have any associated worrying symptoms - another source of GP's derision - though after her examination I was in pain for the whole afternoon, I don't know if she poked it or something, I've not poked it myself so I don't know if it's actually tender. Of course now I know it's there every slight abdominal twinge is noticed.

Any medics around or ladies with similar experience, I'd be so grateful for advice...I'm very scared and feel ignorant and alone...thanks

Hangingbellyofbabylon Wed 11-Feb-09 23:26:32

I really don't want to trivialise things for you as I know you're really worried but could it be your 'G-spot'? here. I know mine does feel the same as your description.

Tamz77 Wed 11-Feb-09 23:33:19

Thanks for reply. The lump actually over to the left of the canal, quite far over (should have said that before, sorry). Also like I said, it's new. Wasn't there two or 3 months ago or at least not detectable. I'm 31 and have been sexually active for a looong time (have 1 child too) so have quite an established awareness of what I'm usually like down there. Thanks for responding

Hangingbellyofbabylon Wed 11-Feb-09 23:40:59

I can understand why it's worrying you and you deserve to be taken seriously. Are there any other GP's in your practice who might be a bit more understanding? I hope you get something sorted soon.

Zahrah Wed 11-Feb-09 23:42:15

OMG - I can't offer you any medical advice but am really shocked at the way the doctor treated you. I am so sorry to read that you were treated so badly and what makes it worse is that it was a female doctor! In fact, I am getting angry thinking about it as I type.

Is there another GP near you?

loopylou6 Wed 11-Feb-09 23:59:01

you're gonna be shocked now, BUT could it be poo? Do me a favour, after you have had a bowel movent, check if the lump is still there.

dashboardconfessionals Thu 12-Feb-09 00:09:38

Message withdrawn

veryembarrassedmummy Thu 12-Feb-09 10:15:12

It is possible it's just a vaginal fold that has changed position. The vagina has horizontal and vertical folds/rings of muscle- so it could just be that.
Being very blunt, cancer of the vagina is very rare if not unheard of unless it is a result of cervical cancer that is very advanced.
The only other thing is- could it be your cervix? it would normally be higher than 2 inches, but canbe lower at some times of themonth.

DorisIsAPinkDragon Thu 12-Feb-09 11:00:44

Hi I don't know how far into your vaginal canal you're talking but last time I was due to go into labour, I was "tidying up" the fanjo regions I noticed a white lump on the edge of my labia going into the vaginal canal, again about the size of a pea, was panicked as was in labour at that point, spoke to mw when we got to hospital and had examination by doc but consensus was it was nothing that was serious!

Saw my own GP at 6 week check she examined me at that point but it had disappeared. She suggested it was partly hormanal and something to do with the surface layer of the skin ( I can't properly remember but I was post partum blush)

Unfortunately with this preganacy another lump has a[ppeared so I need to get it checked out properly,

I don't know if any of this relates but you DID do the right thing and hmm at the senior dr who thought her time was more important!!

Good luck and try not to stress too much X

Tamz77 Thu 12-Feb-09 11:05:33

Thanks for replies I know it's not my cervix...! I use a diaphragm and know exactly where cervix is and what it feels like. This is a tiny lump within wall of vagina almost exactly like a pea. I'm to squeamish to poke and squeeze it (and prob shouldn't anyway).

Will wait and see I guess til my appointments which are both after half term. I was just very emotional last night. Partly just through watching David Attenborough (always gets me lol) partly because I have no RL support. I'm a single mum with no family within 450 miles and my son's father has emigrated, if I'm ill in any way I'd be at a total loss what to do with DS (aged 5), it's bad enough when I get a tummy bug and need to lie down for an hour, you can imagine how the idea of some dodgy internal lump puts the frighteners up me.

Thanks for listening

sanchan Thu 12-Feb-09 11:12:10

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and found a very similar sounding lump a couple of weeks ago-- cue major panic and a very worried night trying to keep away from Google!

Anyway, I saw my doctor the next day, and he said it is a cyst-- just a blocked duct, that will clear itself over the course of a few weeks or so. He said if it does get painful or grow a lot larger (it's about pea-sized at the mo), then to go back and see him and they could easily remove it at the surgery.

Two weeks on, it is still there, but has not grown or changed position, and like you I have no other symptoms, so I'm quite confident that this was the right diagnosis for me. Your case sounds really similar (including position etc), so I hope this might post might put your mind at rest a bit.

Good luck at the well woman clinic etc.

(I can't believe my first ever post is about my fanjo!)

dashboardconfessionals Thu 12-Feb-09 11:17:50

Message withdrawn

bubblagirl Thu 12-Feb-09 11:26:31

i had varicose vein that popped out as a lump which was normal felt like a pee under the skin where the vein was bulging out went after i had my son i had several come up inside groin etc as well

Tamz77 Thu 12-Feb-09 16:04:17

Ah varicose veins well will be relieved if it's only that thanks again ladies x

janinlondon Thu 12-Feb-09 16:52:39

Is it not a Bartholin's gland cyst? Fairly harmless.......any Gynaecologist could tell you in a second.

xxmummabearxx Sat 23-Mar-13 09:45:46

Hi too have found something similar to what you describe in the same area also. It hasn't grown and is hard like a small pea and causes mild discomfort which I feel most of the time. Did you ever find out what that was as I'm waiting on a ultrasound my go missed feeling for it too. X

youngheartsrunfree Mon 25-Mar-13 00:13:29

Gartner's cyst?

TinyDiamond Mon 25-Mar-13 01:56:59

hi. I have one of these but mine is on the right. its been there since I was 17. bartholins cyst its called apparently. when I was examined they couldn't feel it either I had to really describe! book in at family planning/gum clinic rather than gp. good luck

jessr1990 Fri 17-Jan-14 21:12:10

Hi, how did this turn out? I just googled the exact symptoms and your post came up. Wondering if you had any answers? I just went to the doctor today and he has referred me to gynaecologist. Im not old enough for smears yet which is stupid as I'm 23 and have a child but they just wont do it. My lump feels a bit like if you put a pea between two thin steaks. Under the skin on my left on the top on the wall.

helzapoppin2 Fri 17-Jan-14 21:20:42

Jessr1990, it may be a Bartholins cyst. It's a gland that sometimes gets blocked, goes hard and can swell. Harmless, but a nuisance!

Missdaisy26 Tue 17-Mar-15 22:51:47

Hi I have what I think is a similar problem but I have multiple around 7 of these lumps around the front and sides of my vaginal wall, have had them for around 5-6 years,
After plucking up the courage to go I went to the family planning clinic they said basically that I was imagining it and there was nothing there, it took me about 4 years ten to pluck up the courage to see a go and she said everything looks healthy and couldn't see anything but I know they are there and they never used to be, their pea sized under the skin and a little bit bumpy in texture. Can anyone help as I don't know what to do all I've done is worry for 5-6 years as I don't know what they are!

SKYLAH1977 Wed 03-Jun-15 16:23:30

I found a pea size bump as well in the same area it rolls around.

Elle95x Mon 22-Jun-15 22:12:17

Without sounding too graphic, I found a lump inside my vaginal wall too. Weirdly, it is almost abscent before I use tampons, then becomes more pronounced the more tampons I use - to the point that near the end of my period it partially shifts the direction of the tampon.

This lump is completely painless and I rarely notice it. Just out of curiosity, I wanted to question what you may think this could be? It is rather large - larger than a pea and stays fixed in place. Am I being silly; could this be part of my natural anatomy that is just more pronounced?


Linzd123 Sat 12-Mar-16 13:12:43

I have found 3 lumps right up inside on the upper side of my vaginal wall. They are very small but I can feel them very well. I went to my GP and the nurse and they both said they couldn't feel anything but did a swab anyway. That swab came back normal as did my smear result! It's been about two weeks since I went and now sex has become painful. I don't know whether to try a different GP to get a different opinion! They aren't Bartholin cysts because they occur in a different area and these are deep inside. I feel like a hypochondriac but just don't know what to do.

Sunnee Sun 20-Mar-16 02:56:06

I have some too, and they're kinda freaking me out. Initially there was only one. It was on the lower back wal towards the left, under the surface. I found it because I had a pain so I was trying to find the source. I had a pap in December, which came back fine, except for an infection. However, I completely forgot to mention the little bump to my doctor. I checked tho see if it was still there after completing the antibiotics, and now there were two!! I called my doctor about it, and she said just to wait and follow up with the gynecologist she'd referred me to. That was the end of January. My appt with the gyno isn't until mid April. The spot was bothering me again today, so I checked it out, now there are like four or five of them. They are all clustered together, and under the surface not on top. It almost feels like the surrounding tissue has caved in around them. I don't know what to think :/

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