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laneydaye Sun 10-Apr-05 16:56:03

Had the depo injection and decided against another (didnt realise could take up to 12mths to be fertile again), so have gone onto the mini pill...... waiting for a period to start the 1st packet........still waiting as the depo stopped my periods.....

any ideas as to when i should start taking it?
and will i be covered?


HelloMama Sun 10-Apr-05 17:05:04

the chances are you could be waiting a long time! It can take 12-18 months for you to start ovulating again after depo (even if you have only had 1 injection). This is a worse case scenario though, and it will probably much sooner. However it could still be quite a few months so you are usually told to start taking the pills on the day your next depo was due and then use condoms for the first 7 days. if you have already gone past your last date for depo, then i would suggest you start taking the pill today and use condoms for 7 days. It can be normal not to see periods when taking the mini-pill too, so don't panic about that. only worry if you haven't been taking it correctly and think you could be pregnant.

HelloMama Sun 10-Apr-05 17:07:42

oh, also, you would only start taking the pills as long as you haven't had any unprotected sex in the time lapsed between your depo running out and starting the new contraception. Some people will always manage to get pregnant the day their depo runs even though most people have a delayed return in their fertility, ths doesn't apply to absoltely everyone!

laneydaye Sun 10-Apr-05 17:18:38

cheers i should have had the depo wed just gone so im late taking the pill....oops....havent had unprotected sex though....chance would be a fine thing lolxxxx

sacha3taylor Sun 10-Apr-05 18:03:07

I was on mini pill for months with no period and then they were really irregular - bit of a pain really. I would bleed for weeks and then just spot for a bit then nothing for ages.

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