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how long to recover from sickness bug?

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bagpussmice Sun 10-Apr-05 14:05:55

dd2, 18mths had a sickness bug last Tues. She's not vomitting anymore, but hardly eaten anything since Tues, and now has terrible wind/stomach pains and diarroeha (sorry not sure about spelling)..
She is drinking lots of fluids and has been to the doctors last week when she had a high temp... Her temp. seems to have calmed down but I am worried about her lack of interest in food... How long can a child go without eating?

Louise1980 Sun 10-Apr-05 14:17:41

As long as she is getting plenty of fluids she will be ok for a few days but I read your other thread and if she still has diarrohea (i cant spell either) imo she should see a doctor.

Hope she feel better soon. I know exactly how you feel.

pragmatist Mon 11-Apr-05 08:59:51

If I was you I would avoid dairy for a few days if she is still experiencing problems. Small children can develop (temporary) secondary lactose intolerance for a short while following a gastro intestinal upset. This can last for around 7 days after the illness

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