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does anyone else here suffer from vitiligo???

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Janna Sat 09-Apr-05 23:19:43

Just wondered if anybody else here suffered from vitiligo? I've had it now for about 6 years, started off with one small patch on my arm in pregnancy and has now spread to my face, arms, back, legs feet, hands tummy, pretty much everywhere really. Gets me down from time to time, although I manage to tone down sonme of the white bits with fake tan
I don't know anybody else in RL with the condition, although the hospital tell me it's more common than I think.
So anybody else??

jampots Sun 10-Apr-05 00:20:15

a chap i used to work with had vitiligo - think he's a barrister in London now.

sallystrawberry Sun 10-Apr-05 00:30:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jennifersofia Sun 10-Apr-05 00:45:20

Hello, I don't suffer from it, but my MIL used to work for the Vitiligo Society, a charity to help sufferers. They do a quarterly newsletter, which has up to date information, as well as letters from members, 'make-up' specifically for it, reviews of products and so on. I have met lots of people through her who have vitiligo, and have a bit of an idea of how emotionally debilitating it is. Oh yeah, there are also meet ups with other members, which I think can be quite helpful sometimes. Also living in London (esp. in a mainly Asian area - though it isn't only Asians who get vitiligo of course) I notice many people who have it, including a girl whom I taught who was in Y2.
Anyway, I could ask my MIL for more information if you want..

JoolsToo Sun 10-Apr-05 00:46:13

time for bed - b-e-d

Fran1 Sun 10-Apr-05 01:11:12

I have vitiligo, did have an Asian friend that had it too, but she has moved accross the world now.

Mine started when i was a teenager, i had severe excema and being a paranoid teenager i overdosed on steroid creams for several years, as it was the only thing that stopped the excema which was worst on my face but got it all over body too. After this long usage of steroids, the white marks appeared in same place, i saw a dermatologist who diagnosed vitiligo, but refused to link it with steroids.

I steered clear of steroids for several years, and no new patches appeared. In more recent years excema has got bad enough for me to try steroids, and guess what ? more vitiligo. I went along to my gp and he just said, well that is one of the side effects, and told me to just moisturise the excema!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone else see a link between steroids and vitiligo?

jennifersofia Sun 10-Apr-05 09:41:41

That is fascinating Fran1 - it does sound like they are linked. I will ask my MIL if she knows of any link, or who has heard of anyone who has had the same experience.

Janna Sun 10-Apr-05 10:02:35

hi fran01
I can see the link between steroids. My doctor said that the condition is heriditory but things like stress, hormones, pregnancy, using stuff like steroids and for me the pill as well can either trigger the condition or make it worse.
I feel like I can cope with it on my body but now its all around my eyes I get paranoid about it. The red cross do a session in which they apply skin camoflage to your skin. Think you have to pay a donation andthe creams are expensive but i'm gonna try it for my face.

I have heard of the vitiligo society but haven't visited thier site. Think I'll give them a go

Janna Sun 10-Apr-05 10:03:20

sorry mistyped your name fran1

Fran1 Sun 10-Apr-05 16:09:56

Thanks for your replies.

Yes i have it on my face too. The worst was when i got sunburnt and the areas with vitiligo blistered

I am quite pale in the face anyway so mine is not as strikingly obvious as it is on asian skin, but people often say i look ill or tired, and i'm fed up with hearing it to be honest. I have circles of it around my eyes.

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