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Anyone out there with Crohn's Disease?

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SamboM Wed 02-Apr-03 21:14:59

Just wondered if anyone else has Crohn's and how it has responded to pregnancy and post childbirth?

doormat Wed 02-Apr-03 21:55:53

SamboM My friend has Crohn's and she has had no problem during pregnancy.In fact her Crohns symptoms practically diappeared during her 3 pregancies.Make sure that you have a good diet as you know how food malabsorbtion occurs. Your G.P should be able to give you some advice.I hope this helps you.

Bears Wed 02-Apr-03 22:12:12

I can't help much but just so u know there's at least 1 other mumsnetter with an IBD. I have Ulcerative Colitis, which is quite similar. It started when ds was about 8 mths. Its in remission now - good job as I'm 6 mths pg. I'm trying not to worry too much but the doctor told me it's likely to return soon after I've had the baby. I'm on Asacol indefinitely, which is considered safe during pregnancy & b/feeding.

Have you joined NACC? (National Association for Crohns & Colitis). For a small fee, they send you lots of info & frequent newsletters. Website:

I don't know if u r in the same situation as me, but if u are, let's both hope to goodness that we can remain healthy for a considerable time (at least!), if only for our young childrens' sake. Fingers xed & good luck.

SamboM Thu 03-Apr-03 12:11:20

I've had Crohn's since I was 23 (36 now) and it was in remission for 5 years before I got pg. Then it flared up and I have been on prednisolone for 16 months which is a nightmare. Every time I nearly get off it I have a relapse and have to up the dose. Unfortunately I am allergic to Asacol and all Sulpha drugs like it so I also take Azathioprine (Imuran) which is an immunosupressant, had to take it through my pg and was terrified that it would cause birth defects etc but all was fine.

Just wondered if anyone else had a similar experience and how long it took for everything to settle down again.

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