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I have a cough that hurts like whatsit

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sameagain Mon 09-Feb-09 13:00:29

It only really started yesterday and I wouldn't usually go to docs until its been lingering for a while, but by golly (as my Gran would say) this one hurts. Deep in my chest between my breasts. Any advice?

BEAUTlFUL Tue 10-Feb-09 11:59:41

I have this! Only my pain is lower down, just underneath where my bra-strap sits under my boobs. I assumed I'd made my diaphragm sore by so much coughing...? I had it over xmas too, and it took ages to go.

sorry. sad I can't find anything to help it.

ChampagneDahling Tue 10-Feb-09 12:00:34

appointment with doctor.....

wishingchair Tue 10-Feb-09 12:21:42

I had a terrible cough over christmas and it really hurt my chest but it hurt around my ribs which I figured was from the actual strain of coughing ... and that pain developed after a week or so. If your chest is hurting so soon ... doctors for you ... could be infection

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