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organic baby follow on formula & skin reaction?

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tab Wed 02-Apr-03 14:44:49

Have just been to GP re skin problems. May be excema on my 8 mth old, red patchy legs (particularly top and behind knees), arms (inside elbows), a bit on face and patches on bottom - not nappy rash. Seems to be sore thend go dry and a little crusty.
Have been using aqueous cream, oilatum bath and cream. Have read that vaseline is bad if excema.

GP said creams fine but also suggested may be allergic reaction to formula although who knows. He suggested possible move to soya. I was reading an earlier thread about soya formula and dangers. I dont want to trawl through all that again but just wondered if anyone had thought that it might be organic follow on formula that was causing a reaction in their baby. I am using "HIpp" brand thinking that all things organic must be good and all that!
Of course I know it could be anything ... immature digestive tract etc.. or all these new foods.

I breast fed fed until 6 months and then started on organic follow on. Didnt link dry skin/excema with the change but it may have been about the same time as the change over, but then again so was increase in new foods.

I'll stop rambling.... Would welcome any thoughts!!!!

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