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Boys and sore willies - sorry

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bluebear Fri 08-Apr-05 22:34:12

Looking for advice from anyone whose ds needed circumsizing at toddler age or older.
Ds has always seemed to have a 'short' foreskin and at age 3 yr 8 months it doesn't seem anywhere near retractable (and he constantly has his hand in his pants so I'm sure that if it could it probably would)
I know that until 4 ish this isn't a problem, but for the last couple of days he has been saying his willy hurt and when we have looked he has got an erection (also not an uncommon occurance)

So, could it be that his foreskin is making his erections painful? - he doesn't seem to have any problem weeing (I've heard of 'ballooning' being an indicator for circumsizing)

I really don't fancy going to the GP about this unless absolutely necessary - help please!

Katemum Fri 08-Apr-05 22:38:31

Does it seem at all red? My ds got an infection, ballinitus (sp?) and just needed some cream to clear it up. Apparently it's quite common in litlle boys.

bluebear Fri 08-Apr-05 22:56:24

Thanks Katemum. Doesn't seem red or sore - he just tells us that it hurts.

Twiglett Fri 08-Apr-05 22:58:49

Hurts could just mean it feels funny

DS sometimes uses that expression when he has an erection (he's 4 and 2 months and is circumcised)

Foreskins are not supposed to be retractable at this stage

if he's not looking in pain, and it doesn't look inflamed I wouldn't worry - it is self-cleaning

bluebear Fri 08-Apr-05 23:01:40

Thanks twiglett - we've never tried to clean or anything, and don't worry too much about the retraction.

Maybe he's just getting more sensation now then he's done before.

EMM999 Fri 08-Apr-05 23:21:10

Hi, my ds had a similar problem, he complained that it hurt when it was 'hard' and as he already had a kidney problem we spoke to his Dr at Great Ormand St Hosp. He told us that it should be going back at least enough to see the rim of the cap, my ds was 3 yrs 8m when the Dr saw him, as concluded that my ds foreskin needed to be 'stretched' as he was having surgery there at 3yrs 9m for his kidney they 'stretched' this at the same time and it did improve things.

When you give him a bath gently try to pull the foreskin back, if you can't see the rim of the cap I would realy advise you to see your GP, even just so it can be monitored. You are looking for ballooning, which is vital. But if he complains of pain in his 'tummy' it could be a urine infection (which is more common if there is a restriction when weeing).

I hope this helps.

bluebear Fri 08-Apr-05 23:34:50

EMM999 - thanks, that is reallly useful.

MamaMaiasaura Fri 08-Apr-05 23:41:46

Hi Bluebear - ds had several infections there as his foreskin was 'tight' - every bathtime i now make sure ds gently pulls back (as far as is comforatable) his foreskin and washes there.


mcmum Sat 09-Apr-05 09:03:29

hello bluebear just noticed your message. My little boy had same problems for quite a while now aged 7 but from early age approx 18mths always seemed to be sore, simple sudocrem and drapolne seem to help him he still has a tight foreskin and has been seen at hospital but they were unconcered they said it would improve as got older and to encourage him to wash it in bath with little bit of mild soap !

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