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Runny green poo

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Bensonbluebird Fri 08-Apr-05 20:58:57

My ds (12 weeks) has gone from pooing once a day to after each feed or more regularly, it has also gone from normal yellow baby poo to very runny green. He doesn't seem to be ill in any other way - not hot, no redness or rashes though having a poo seems to be a bit uncomfortable and will wake him if he is asleep. I'm bf and haven't made any changes to my diet.It has been 5 days now and I'm getting tired from all the constant nappy changing. Any ideas?

Shazzler Fri 08-Apr-05 21:03:03

My dd used to get this but only when she was on antibiotics I think.

Shazzler Fri 08-Apr-05 21:04:34

Sorry it's not much help. Are you on any medication?

Libb Fri 08-Apr-05 21:11:12

I recall we used to have green poos, I think it is something to do with the balance between foremilk and the thicker milk (whatever its name is). I bf for 5 months. If you are still getting wet nappies and he is content enough then I wouldn't worry at all.xx

saadia Fri 08-Apr-05 21:44:34

Yes, I also read that it's something to do with the b/f composition, and that if it's green it may be that he's not getting to finish the hindmilk. But if you've been b/f for 12 weeks and the poos have been yellow so far, it would be surprising if that was the case. Do you time the feeds or do you just let him feed as long as he wants each side?

CarolinaMoon Sat 09-Apr-05 12:57:22

i think green poo is often a sign that they are fighting an infection - successfully if no other symptoms, or of teething. my ds (5mths, exclusively bf) has had several episodes of green poo. i asked my lovely HV about it a while ago, and she said that too much foremilk produces a "foamy" poo - other green poo isn't worth worrying about unless it smells foul. hth.

Bensonbluebird Sat 09-Apr-05 18:05:41

Thanks for all the advice everyone. In answer to your questions:

I was on antibiotics which finished three days before the green poo started - so maybe some connection there.

He feeds for as long as he likes, and I think empties the breast each time. He rarely wants more than one breast though. I have been having difficulty to get him to sleep in the day and so he has been falling asleep when he is feeding - maybe some connection there too.

I think we'll see how we do for the next few days and go to the doctor next week if we're not back to normal (whatever normal is...)

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