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Allergic reaction to a face-pack

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trixiethepixie Fri 06-Feb-09 14:08:47

What can I do? I took an antihistamine about a hour ago so hoping it will help. Can you use an antihistamine cream over the majority of your face, just the lightest layer, or are you as well to leave it?

I used the face-pack not last night but the night before. It started bothering me a couple of hours after using it and today my face is itchy, pink and blotchy and feels as dry as sandpaper. Think having a shower didn't help as it felt worse coming out of it than it did this morning.

I look horrendous - a cross between spotty and lightly sunburnt. Help!

Meglet Fri 06-Feb-09 14:37:13

ouch sad. If I were you i'd just not wash your face for a day or so, your skin should calm down in time.

what face pack was it?

trixiethepixie Fri 06-Feb-09 14:52:16

Can't remember the make of it. It was one of those sachets of peel-off stuff you get in the chemists. Typical as I have a good tube of sauna masque in the house which I know doesn't give me a reaction but just felt like a change.

I've a birthday party to go to tomorrow and there's no getting out if it. I'm going to look a state.

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