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not eaten for 3.5 days after sickness bug

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bagpussmice Fri 08-Apr-05 15:46:56

dd2, 18 mths has had a horrible sickness bug and hasn't eaten since Tues lunchtime. She is drinking mainly water, some milk today watered down, but won't touch anything I offer her.
I'm cooking corn on the cob for dd1 dinner tonight, and this is dd2's favourite - should I offer her this? Everyone advises to eat bland stuff after sickness like biscuits, dry toast - but she is refusing those. I'm worried as she's quite small anyway....

Shazzler Fri 08-Apr-05 15:51:17

I don't see any harm in offering her the corn on the cob. Its bland too isn't it. What about some soup or plain pasta?

I know what you mean about worrying about them when they are young. My dd is 19 mths and full of cold and not eating much, she seems happy enough though.

Hope she feels better soon.

elsmommy Fri 08-Apr-05 15:51:22

My dd 18 mths has also had a bug since tuesday and ate a big plate of chinese last night - her fave and she seems better today. So I'm sure corn on the cob will be fine

bagpussmice Fri 08-Apr-05 17:13:18

well to my amazement she's just eaten some corn on the cob, half a potato waffle (I know, not the healthiest dinner in the world! ), and some peas.. so I am quite pleased!

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