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Appetite Surpressants

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Looneymum Fri 08-Apr-05 09:37:18

Can anyone suggest an appetite surpressant that actually works. I have started going to the gym three times a week but after I return, I seem to eat and eat for the rest of the day. I start out on the healthy things, bananas, celery sticks etc. Then go wild eating packets of bics, cakes, leftovers by the bucket load. Just need something to take the edge off.... any thoughts?

vict17 Fri 08-Apr-05 09:38:44

What time of the day do you go?Eat something that will keep you going - like museli or brown bread. Drink lots of water as that will fill you up

Toothache Fri 08-Apr-05 09:42:34

I find sparkling water is good at making you feel full. Apparently caffeine is an appetite suppressant! Hasn't ever worked for me though.

Looneymum Fri 08-Apr-05 09:58:23

I do my eating from lunchtime onwards. As I say, normally starting with something healthy, brown bread sandwich, loads of salad, then.... cake, bics, crisps and lots of water too - this doesn't seem to help. Tend to drink decafe coffee as full caffine seems to make me a bit lightheaded. Does anyone know of any herbal surpressants? Have tried a one called metasys (or something like that) very expensive and didn't work for me...

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