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anyone had posterior repair/ rectocele repair

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flourybaps Wed 04-Feb-09 10:51:00

Hi, got to have surgery at the end of the month, rectocele repair and posterior repair. Have done a search in the archives but found very little about this prob.......

surely I cant be the only person with this problem? Anyone out there? Just wanted to know a little about the recovery. I have an 8 month old dd to look after so im a bit concerened as my Dr said avoid lifting, well thats easier said than done!

EldonAve Wed 04-Feb-09 11:14:16

did you search for prolapse?

Sawyer64 Wed 04-Feb-09 11:20:03

have you seen this one? here?

I'm due to have one next Tuesday (Posterior repair)

flourybaps Wed 04-Feb-09 11:39:11

hi. thanks for replying, ill check the thread out, best of luck for your surgery, im dreading mine to say the least. Due to have my pre-op assessment tomorrow.

Sawyer64 Wed 04-Feb-09 11:47:13

Hope it all goes well.

I've got to return to work 1 week after!! Not looking forward to that!

flourybaps Wed 04-Feb-09 11:50:07

1 week after!!! How come? I was told to book at least 6 weeks off work sick. tbh im a bit worried about recovery post op, lifting my dd etc, but maybe its not as bad as I thought?......

Sawyer64 Wed 04-Feb-09 12:42:52

Very silly I know( I am a nurse,but we are reknown for not following our own advicewink)

But have just started a new job,and won't get sick pay,so have booked a weeks holiday,sedentary job,so will take things really easy.Just hoping I won't be in pain hmm

Looking at the other threads,I would be able to resume driving after 2 weeks,so am hoping I will be ok after 1 week.I can avoid lifting my DD2 like I did after my C-section (made a game of standing on boxes to climb onto seat and into cot etc.)

nanasam Wed 04-Feb-09 18:32:16

I had a rectocele operation 3 years ago. Before I left hospital I was told in no uncertain terms that I was to do NOTHING AT ALL for 6 weeks. I was then allowed to drive (as long as it didn't cause pain) but had to refrain from lifting for 3 months. I had a grandson of 9 months old so had to either have him put in my arms or I propped him up on a cusion on the sofa and knelt in front of him for cuddles.

Poor you, baps, you could do with someone to help out. The worst thing is, after a couple of weeks you feel really fit and could be tempted to think you're back to normal but do try to follow the instructions or it could pull your stitches. Make the most of any help offered. Good luck!

PS (sorry if this is a bit TMI) I wasn't given an enema before the operation (I queried this 3 times!) and spent the first 24 hours in a soiled bed (I didn't know until they got me up the next day). It was the most embarrassing thing that's happened to me and I made a complaint to the hospital - after all, if they are operating for that condition, you'd think they'd clear the decks first, so to speak! I'd recommend you ask for an enema to avoid this.

flourybaps Wed 04-Feb-09 20:53:21

thanks for getting back to me, im not sure if its not a very common procedure but there dosent seem to be many of us about that have had it.

My dp is taking 4 days off work to look after dd while im in hospital then my mum is coming for 3 days. After that though Ill be on my own, not much I can do about that really.

All i can think of is too stay indoors, not lug pram or carseat about but I will have to pick dd up to put her in and out of cot and into highchair etc, she weighs 21 lbs........

Sawyer64 Wed 04-Feb-09 22:46:12

I'd try to change things a bit,maybe not bother with the highchair,you didn't mention DD's age,would she sit on the floor and have a "picnic" instead,or have you a small chair and table she could sit at.

The Cot is tricky,but try to think of other solutions,maybe do it in stages,if you have a stool/furniture nearby that is slightly lower,and then "roll" her in maybe???hmm

flourybaps Thu 05-Feb-09 15:26:14

hi, my dd is 8 months old. Just been to hosp for my pre-op check, they re-iterated about the no lifting. Mum has said she will be able to help me for 2 weeks now, mon-fri and my partner has weekends off work so thats a relief.

The leaflet from the hospital said no ironing or hoovering for 6 weeks, so I have it in writing grin. Been told Ill have to have 3 months off work, was thinking about you actually, hope youll be ok going back to work so quick and you make a speedy recovery, let me know how you get on.

Sawyer64 Thu 05-Feb-09 16:53:21

I will Floury.Good news that your Mum can help out
At least I can give you some info afterwards.

Sawyer64 Wed 11-Feb-09 16:54:38

Hi Flourybaps, I don't know if you are still watching this thread...
I had my Op yesterday at 12.00 midday,went into recovery at 1.30pm.I felt uncomfortable and was given some painkiller intravenously,but apparently had Voltarol and local anaesthetic in theatre.

I had a Vaginal pack and Catheter,the pack being the uncomfortable bit,felt like I'd been sitting on a bike for hours is the only way I could describe it.

Given plenty of painkillers on the ward in tablets,felt achy and throbbing.

This morning I had the pack out,and the Catheter,this gave me great relief.I then started "loosing" blood as expected a little.

They said I could go at lunchtime today,and so now I'm at home with my feet up.I have booked a further week off from work.

Hope that helps,not as bad as I thought it was going to be.Hope yours goes as well.

flourybaps Wed 11-Feb-09 17:51:38

Hi sawyer64, thanks for the update, glad your op went well, sounds painful afterwards but glad your getting some rest and got the extra week off work. Def time to put your feet up and plenty of mumsnet and treats!

Hope your recovery continues to go well. look after yourself and thanks for the well wishes.

Sawyer64 Wed 11-Feb-09 20:02:24


katykk Sun 15-Feb-09 16:53:22


Thank god I,ve found someone else who is having the same thing. Since having my 3rd child 18 months ago I have had a 'moderate' rectocele. I don't have any major bowel problems or discomfort as a result but mentally feel very uncomfortable about it. I have had 6 months under the physio which has improved things slightly but was told if i wanted things to resolve completely I would need surgery. I had a an appointment with the consultant on thursday who advised me to think very carefully before proceeding with surgery as it is a major operation and can cause discomfort when having sex afterwards. I was advised that I would need 6 weeks off work and no lifting of children etc for 6 weeks afterwards. I have been researching the net for more info and am concerned about when I will be able to drive and how robust I will be after surgery to look after my children. My surgery has been booked for the 23 rd of March as they said this would give me plenty of time to consider the options and cancel if I do not want to proceed. Any advice or sharing of experiences would be really helpful as I just dont know what to do for the best.

veryembarrassedmummy Sun 15-Feb-09 17:46:54

katykkThere are a few threads about his- one about a week back if you search.

Ihad a post and ant. repair 17 yrs ago after DC 2.

I had 2 DCs aged 2 and 4. I had mymum come to stay for 2 weeks then DH worked from home for 4 weeks.

It is REALLY important not to do too much after the op- or youwill simply undo the internal work that has been done- you want it to last years- not a few months!!

I had no pain at all, and no packing. I did have a catheter for aweek which was the worst part- they allowed me home with it after 5 days and then I had to go back in daily to see if i could wee normally- bladder opening etc was swollen and shut!

I felt fine physically, but you have to remember that you will feel a bit tired- you can't see it, but your body is using energy to repair the wounds inside you.

I think I drove after about 3 weeks. I was told never to lift anything over 1 stone- about 6 kgs - ever again in my life.

You can do things to adapt at first- use a cup or jug to fill kettles and pans, kneel down to hug your DCs and not pick them up ot get them to climb up to you if you are sitting down- and so on.

I am surprised your consultant was negative- mine was happy to do it then or in 10 years time- whenever I wanted to. (I went privately.)

Sex was okay but a bit tight fit to start- he assured me he wouldn't make me too small- you do need to be honest about this stuff!!!
I was worried that sex would make it come loose again, and that took a while for me to get over.

Good luck. I haven't regretted it.

flourybaps Mon 16-Feb-09 18:38:11

Hi katykk sorry not replied earlier my 'threads im on' dosent seem to be working properly.

Anyhow, I know how you feel, Im stressed out about the recovery too. Tbh im a bit worried by veryembarrasedmummy's docs advice about not lifting anything heavier than a stone ever again as I simply cant do that! My dd weighs 24lbs now, she is only 8 months and not walking or crawling so will have to lift her, mind you I did note that advice was given after a posterior and anterior reapir wheras mine will only be a posterior repair, so perhaps not so complicated.

Im scheduled to have the op at the end of the month, my mum will be arround to help for to weeks and then it will just be me as my dp works quite long hours.

My job is physically demanding so I have been advised to take 3 months off work and told not to drive for about 3 to 4 weeks ish.

Sawyer64 who was on this thread earlier had this op done last week and she seems to be making a good recovery, if you look on the fistula support thread she has wrote a bit about her recovery on there (just skip to the last couple of pages, its a very long thread!)

I suppose the descion to have the op depends on how bad your symptoms are, I have pain when having sex and have an obvious lump at the entrance to my vagina (tmi I know) blush. I also have trouble with my bowels due to the rectocele.

I dont have any urinary symptoms luckily. I ummed and ahhd about having the op and was driving myself mad so I phoned my consultants secetary and made annother app to see my doc, I wrote all my questions down and felt very reassured once I spoke to her again, maybe you could do this? She said its a very common procedure.

I only have one dd and may have another baby in the future, she said this was fine but I would need a c section. I also have to go for biofeedback therapy after my op as pelvic floor seems to be knacered, hey ho.

Anything else I can help with let me know.

Sawyer64 Mon 16-Feb-09 18:54:47

Hi Katykk as Florybaps has said I had the Op done last Tuesday at 12.00pm.I was back on the ward by 2.30pm,in Recovery they topped up my painrelief and I was quite comfortable surprisingly!

I had a Catheter and Vaginal Pack.The Nurses were very good and gave me my own painkillers which were locked up in my locker,for me to self administer,although during the first 24 hours they got me some stronger ones.

At the following day they removed the pack and Catheter,which was "uncomfortable",but the relief was great as it felt like I was sitting on a hard ball.

I was allowed to come home on Wednesday lunchtime,and am now recovering at home.The discomfort is minimal,and I just take the painkillers I had been given.Salt Baths are also helping.
Blood loss is lessening daily,much less than after Childbirth really.

I had a Posterior Repair only (Rectocele).
I went out to Tesco today with DH,but feel a little sore now,so you do have to take it easy.

Although initially you have to be careful about lifting,I'm sure if you lift correctly ie. bending knees etc it wouldn't be a problem later.I think we all tend to bend over to pick our DC's up,but after all this I'm sure I never will again.

Sawyer64 Mon 16-Feb-09 19:00:43

Ooh yes FlouryBaps,by the way,that bit about Nanasams "Bowels" etc. didn't happen to me I'm glad to say.

I think if you ease back on eating the day before,and then you'll be fasted for 6 hours or more (I was 12 hours) your bowel will be pretty empty anyway.

Think I worried more about going again afterwards!

Everything in its own good time though,I think applies.Took 2-3 days for me.

flourybaps Mon 16-Feb-09 19:14:55

Cheers Sawyer, sounds like good advice, mind you I get chronic constipation so Im a bit worried about first bowel movement post op and have got some lactulose to take with me!

Sawyer64 Mon 16-Feb-09 19:51:32

.....and drink loads of water wink

katykk Mon 16-Feb-09 19:52:49

Thanks to you all for getting back to me, its good to know that others out there have been through or are going through the same. Flourybaps, I think I may do the same as you and try to make another app with the consultant as since my first consultation on Friday i now have more questions than before. I'm particularly worried about driving as really I would need to be able to do this after about 1 week as DH will be back at work and will need to get my DD to school and the boys to nursery.
Sawyer- How tired do you feel afterwards is the pain and recovery any worse than after a difficult childbirth?

Sawyer64 Mon 16-Feb-09 20:12:06

No not really.If you have had an Episiotomy,then the discomfort is similar.

Yes you feel tired,ready to nap,maybe a couple of times a day.

The Driving isn't advisable really for 2 weeks really.I thought I would go back to work after 1 week,and drive.But in reality,I can honestly say,I would be in extreme discomfort if I drove this week, and I had to book an extra week off work.

My DH has taken another week off,and my mum has looked after DD2(2) this week for me.

Try to explore other forms of support.Perhaps a friend could take your DD to school,and another one to Nursery.

I imagine I could take a gentle unhurried walk to school,as its only 10 mins each way.

Maybe DH could take extra time off,or a friend or relative could come over or stay.
Alternatively,suggest to your Consultant that you'd need it done in the school holidays.Maybe Easter,as my DC's are off from 4/04/09-21/04/09 I think.

I think you could manage at home maybe,but driving will be very uncomfortable before 2 weeks IME.

katykk Fri 27-Feb-09 17:55:00

flourybaps? have you had your op yet? I havnt been online since last monday as the hard drive on the computer died. Sawyer thanks for your info, I have decided to go ahead with my surgery date at end of March and have now told work ect. My mum will help me get DC's to school and nursery for about a week then its the school hols. Have been into town today to try and find a nightie ( taking advice re catheter) all seem to be made for pensioners or really short, never mind will keep trying.

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