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Breast Reduction

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ghengis Tue 01-Apr-03 13:13:45

Has anybody been brave enough to have their boobs reduced? I had hoped that having children might help reduce mine but 2 kids on they are bigger than ever (fatter?!!) and now sag dreadfully. I'm fed up having to wear a piece of engineering to make them look 'pert' (ha!) under my clothes and long to be able to bare them comfortably on holiday. Any ideas?

PandaBear Tue 01-Apr-03 13:18:53

I sympathise with you - I used to feel exactly the same way, but no, I didn't brave the surgeon's knife!! My boobs shrunk when I lost weight. Mind you they were the last things to shrink so I looked bloody ridiculous for a while.

A friend of mine did have the boob reduction and she said that she was really sore for months afterwards, and still has no feeling in her nipples. Whether that is just bad luck or not, I don't know.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

miggy Tue 01-Apr-03 13:35:45

My mother had hers done about 20yrs ago at the age of 40 plus. She still says it was the best thing she ever did and would encourage me to have mine done-they are big too and I hate them. I am too scared though- of dying under the anaesthetic and leaving my children for vain reason (stupid I know) and all the pain afterwards-much worse than having boobs enlarged. Mine reduced a bit after bf 1st child but 2 more on and they are back to normal. They do go a bit if I lose wt but would have to be skeletal to get to a d cup!

prufrock Tue 01-Apr-03 13:49:12

I would love to have mine done after I've finished having kids. Dh on the other hand....

Slightly nicer engineering is available at - the strappy tops really are a miracle and are wonderful holiday wear. Go for the darker colours though, the light material is a bit flimsy and shows off the rolls of flab around the belly

edgarcat Tue 01-Apr-03 14:27:15

Message withdrawn

metrobaby Tue 01-Apr-03 14:45:15

You have my sympthathies ... I'm considering having mine done too. I'm actually on the NHS waiting list as mine were causing pain to my shoulders and back, and I don't have a good posture as a result. I can't even find correct bras as I have a small back area but gigagtic cups (not a common combination).

In my initial consultation with the surgeon I was warned that this is a major op that can cause scarring, and a loss of sensation. I think there is a 6 week odd recovery period too. The hospital where I am having it done actually run a seminar on this where they go into the ins and outs of this op. It will give me a chance to ask more questions, see photos and talk with the surgeon some more. Maybe your hospital runs something similar ??

I'm waiting however to have this done when complete my family as apparently it can prevent b/f too, and during pregnancy the shape of breasts will change the shape done by corrective surgery.


ghengis Wed 02-Apr-03 21:37:22

Omigod - exploding boobs?!!! Thanks Prufrock, perhaps I'll put my vanity to one side and go with the bravissiomo website stuff!

Chiccadum Wed 02-Apr-03 21:45:10

One of my friends has had it done recently as more often than not she was bedridden with backache. It got much worse after her two children, she now swears it is the best thing she has ever done and her confidence has soared, she got a new job and started within 6 weeks of the op

bunny2 Thu 03-Apr-03 15:18:52

Ghengis, I had one 5 years ago and it was the best £4000 I ever spent (got it back through insurance anyway in the end). I went from a 36FF to a 36C. Now with a bit of weight gain I'm a 38C and I love it. I wear skimpy tops and halter necks, great underwear, etc, all the things I couldnt wear for years. There was one very big drawkack thoug, I had difficulty breastfeeding and gave up aftr a week. This can be a common side effect so I would advise anyone to wait until they had finished having children before having the op. If you have any more questions, fire away

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