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Had my first migraine today i think

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GawdAllMighty Mon 02-Feb-09 21:07:46

I went to the gym, drank loads whilst working out, did my hour and went down the stairs-got floaters but didnt really think anything of it. Met my mum in the gym cafe where she was minding my 2 kids. I had a headache come on really quickly, felt very sick and ill. My mum had to drive me home to her house as I was being sick and just couldnt open my eyes because of the light.

I got back to her house and was sick loads more and then just passed out on the sofa in the dark-i breastfed my baby apparently but i dont remember!

I woke up about 5 hours after i began to feel poorly and felt much much better.

Was this a migraine tho? i honestly have never felt so poorly before, like i wanted to saw my head off!

I still feel pretty weak and not able to face eating much but loads better than before!

mckenzie Mon 02-Feb-09 21:54:40

sounds like it could well have been a migraine, especially if you are still feeling groggy. Did you get any blurred vision or sloppy speech? They are two known migraine side effects as well as the sickness and hideous pain.

GawdAllMighty Mon 02-Feb-09 22:23:32

Yes, my vision did go peculiar-not blurred but as it lost all depth of perception. I know i wasnt really able to say much as it hurt-mum says i went very pale too.

Bloody hideous tho whatever it was!

ChiefMangosuthuButhelezi Mon 02-Feb-09 22:30:41

Yes it does sound like one. I once had to pull over in a funeral parlour car park and be sick in a bag because of a killer migraine.
I get them quite a lot now, and when I close my eyes, sometimes I see images of faces and animals, it's weird.
Usually everything goes a bit bright and I have to shut my eyes just before I get one.
Did you see coloured lights? That's another sign.

mckenzie Tue 03-Feb-09 07:58:09

I used to suffer badly but an osteopath sorted me out gradually. Might be worth considering if you get any more although I think I have read that some times people do just get one blinder one and then that's it.

keevamum Tue 03-Feb-09 08:14:33

Definitely sounds like one to me. They are horrendous aren't they? I haven't actually had one since I was 17 years old but suffered through my teenage years. The first one I had my Mum thought I was having a brain haemorrage I was in such pain. The docs think mine were hormonal and will prob get them again at the change of life! However sometimes I would start to get the telltale signs of a migraine with distorted vision and bright flashing lights and could usually manage to head them off by pressing on my pressure point very hard. Between the thumb and the index finger. Push down very hard and this seems to have averted some of mine. Also if you think the migraine was triggered by bright lights then close one eye for the duration of the bright light stimulation as this sometimes works as well, I think.

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