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Weird feverish lurgy in early pregnancy - feeling bit worried and down...

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saucypan Mon 02-Feb-09 20:45:00

I had two chest infections over Christmas and new year and for the last ten days have had another chesty cough and an on and off fever. The cough has pretty much cleared up but the fever has got worse and I'm confused about what's causing it. I'm also five weeks pregnant and have been a bad girl and googled fever in pg which says that in the first trimester it's not great. My fever is not mega high (has been up to 39 max, mostly late 37s when I take the paracetamol but would go higher without) but it still feels sad not to be feeling in glowing health with a new baby growing inside me. Could just do with some soothing words from some mumsnetters if there are any around. I'm taking paracetamol and going back to the doc tomorrow. They seem unconcerned. I guess it's just another virus but I'm just finding it a bit weird and disconcerting...

ChiefMangosuthuButhelezi Mon 02-Feb-09 21:06:19

There are some horrible D&V bugs going round at the moment, and my ds recently had slapped cheek. I think this can cause fevery symptoms in adults, ask at the docs tommorrow. It's the season for nasties I'm afraid, but the doc should reassure you.

fuzzywuzzy Mon 02-Feb-09 21:18:16

In both my pregnancies I came down with riiillly bad tonsilitis complete with high fever, night sweats (when fever would break then temp would go back up again), and the horrible couldn't swallow without a thousand razor blades cutting the back of my throat feeling. Dr refused to perscribe me anything and both my babies were fine.

Go to your GP if you're concerned, baby should be fine, try and rest loads and drink fluids.

And congratulations on your pregnancy.

saucypan Mon 02-Feb-09 21:24:44

Thank you. Sorry to hear you were so ill in pg fuzzy. was it first trimester? i need to stop worrying, but i can't...

What's D&V and what's slapped cheek? blush

fuzzywuzzy Mon 02-Feb-09 21:27:48

yep both times it happened in the first trimester. It's natural to worry, go to your GP if you are concerned, honestly he/she should put your mind to rest and possibly perscribe something.

saucypan Mon 02-Feb-09 21:30:05

thank you. yes i'll go back (have already been and they didn't want to give antibiotics, which is probably good...)

christiana Mon 02-Feb-09 21:33:50

Message withdrawn

ChiefMangosuthuButhelezi Mon 02-Feb-09 21:35:30

D&V, sickness and diarrhoea, and I hadn't heard of slapped cheek either until ds1's face looked like a tomato and we rang nhs direct thinking he had scarlet fever. I think it's also called fifth disease, I think his bro must have brought it back from nursery.

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