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3year old DS was due to have his bad fron tooth out today

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dropinthe Thu 07-Apr-05 14:42:06

But he went ballistic after having the injection and so now has to have gas another time. The dilemma I have is that when I first took him to the dentist as his front tooth was going grey,the dentist immediately said he needs to have it out in case it gets infected and affects the adult root. Today,she has wavered on this and said that it is probably ok to keep it in but I would have to keep a very close eye on it. I said I would rather it came out in case I missed anything-I really really dont want him to have a bad adult tooth.
What should I do??

Lonelymum Thu 07-Apr-05 14:45:04

Get the tooth taken out. Presumably gas means your ds would be unconscious and unable to make a fuss? If it would put your mind at rest, that is what you should have done. GA ops on teeths are done in hospital aren't they?

floppsy Thu 07-Apr-05 15:10:55

Just to reasure you my dd1 fell over when she was 1yrs old & banged her mouth on the floor her tooth was in a bad way,took her straight to the dentist & she told me the tooth would proberly die at the root & not to worry.She is now 6.5 & the baby tooth fell out on its own (didn't look very nice)the adult tooth has come through & it is fine.The only problem we have nw is she hates the dentist so i hope your ds forgets about today otherwuse your going to have a hard job to get him back in the dentit chair.

FIMAC1 Thu 07-Apr-05 17:00:04

Hi my daughter did the same at 3 - damaged one so that it 'died' and went grey, and the other front one was chipped. Went straight to the dentist after the fall who assured me that nothing needed to be done - anyway as they say ignorance is bliss! As they fell out aged 6 and she is now ten and has beautiful teeth - now I wonder if I should have been concerned about the grey one? As Floppsy says, they didn't look very nice for three years but she would have hated to have it pulled out - and have that big gap for all that time. I would really wait and keep and eye on it - never heard of a dentist pulling a dead tooth before anyway?

whymummy Thu 07-Apr-05 17:07:08

hi drop,i don't know what to advice,ds is having to extra teeth on the roof of his mouth removed under general next month and i'm petrified,dd has just fallen on her face and her lip is so swollen i can't see if she's done any damage,i hope you get something sorted and your ds is ok

Twiglett Thu 07-Apr-05 17:20:14

what did she think that a 3 year old would lie there with his mouth open whilst she yanked out a tooth? is she terminally stupid or something?

sorry, I know that's not the point - and yes I would get it pulled

saffy202 Thu 07-Apr-05 17:52:09

Ds2 has a tiny hole in one of his teeth. At the dentists last week he said it was best if the toooth went grey/black colour as that meant it had stopped rotting and was dead. Although it doesn't look nice. I was advised to fill the hole with toothpaste after brushing his teeth.

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