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We've had the week from hell, sympathy please!

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Bumperslucious Sat 31-Jan-09 11:29:46

We have a plague on our house!

DD (19mo) has had a cold/virus thing starting last weekend when she was upo from 3am. She has basically woken up at least 3 times a night since, and refusing to go back down. The first few day she was just really snuggly on the sofa with us watching TV but now she is getting better she is still waking up and acting like a brat because we've stopped letting her eat and do what she likes, like watching TV all day. She's barely eaten all week.

On thursday night I went to bed with a headache, hoping I could sleep it off. Instead I was awake all night, feeling sick everytime I moved and not being able to find a position where I wasn't in agony. End up throwing up the coedine that I took. Felt slightly better in the morning and sent DH off to work and called him back within half an hour as I couldn't look after DD as i couldn't stand up without my head thumping and wanting to throw up. In the end we called out the doctor who gave me a couple of jabs in my bump and after a sleep I felt miles better and was so grateful as at the hight of my pain I thought I was going to die <dramatic>. Anyway, that was fine until the drugs wore off and I had another nauseating night.

Now poor DH who has barely slept all week what with me and DH waking up now has a really sore throat and can't sleep because he then starts snoring which wakes him up. All in all we are in a pretty bad state. The house is a mess, DD is crabby and we are all sleep deprived with no sign of DD going back through the night.

Feeling very sorry for myself. My migrane has mostly gone but I am wearing of making any sudden movements for fear of feeling sick. Of course none of this could happen on a work day so I could have a day off sick rather than wasting my off days sat over the toilet!

I need sympathy!

TheBurnsifiedEffect Sat 31-Jan-09 12:05:42

Message withdrawn

saramoon Sat 31-Jan-09 16:10:07

You have my sympathies, how shit is it to be ill when your DC are ill too? I dread getting ill as my dds are still pre school. The last time i was really sick i was off work but had to look after them all day as well as lie on the sofa feeling rubbish.

Bumperslucious Sat 31-Jan-09 18:05:30

Thanks both. Sorry you've been so sick too butterfly.

It's really cack being ill with a LO.

TheBurnsifiedEffect Sun 01-Feb-09 01:08:29

Message withdrawn

Bumperslucious Sun 01-Feb-09 10:41:04

here you go.

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