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rheumatoid I adding 2+2=678126403?!

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dilbertina Fri 30-Jan-09 20:21:46

I am currently 29weeks pregnant with dc3. I developed Type 1 diabetes whilst pregnant with dc1...there is no history of auto-immune diseases of any sort in my family apart from a grandma with rheumatoid arthritis. For the last 6 weeks or so I have had a sore thumb joint on my left hand and general mild stiffness in that hand, and slight soreness in right thumb.

I just feel slightly stupid complaining to doc of "a sore thumb"! Given my history of pregnancy prompting auto-immune response I'm prob. reading far too much into this I know...but I guess my question is can rheumatoid arthritis start in such a subtle way?

WobblyPig Fri 30-Jan-09 23:55:59

Think you are making a leap too far with that one. Did you get Type I DM or gestational DM .
Yes RA can start in single small joints but still many other causes. Are there any other autoimmune diseases in your family? Have you ever had a gneral autoimmune screen?

Joolyjoolyjoo Fri 30-Jan-09 23:58:58

Have you ever had an ESR test (erythrocyte sedimentation rate)? I know what you mean- my mum had lupus (SLE) for years, brought on (we think) by pregnancy. I was pretty anxious about every ache and pain, but it is easy to get hung up on it, and I am fine. I would ask for an ESR if you are worried- it can point to a higher potential of auto-immune disease.

WobblyPig Sat 31-Jan-09 00:06:09

By the way, you should go the Drs. If it concerning you that is reason enough in my book. Please don't feel stupid. If it something straight forward you will make the doctor feel good that they can help you. If not then you've done the right thing to ask for help.

MotherFlippin Sat 31-Jan-09 00:07:32

Message withdrawn

dilbertina Sat 31-Jan-09 12:10:09

thanks everyone, unusually it was Type 1 I developed in pregnancy, so insulin forever now. Dc2 is 2 now and no probs in that pregnancy.

Whilst the auto-immune type 1 diabetes was confirmed by blood tests at the time, other than checks for thyroid (which have always been clear) I don't think I've had any auto-immune general screens.

Because of the diabetes I meet with obstetrician and diabetes consultant every fortnight anyway during pregnancy so I will mention it... it's just "sore thumb" seems such a pathetic thing to raise!

I know having one auto-immune condition does make it more likely you'll get another - however I don't think it's a massively increased risk... so hopefully I am jumping to possible conclusions. Here's hoping doc just laughs at me or can rule anything major out with blood tests.

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