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My d brother's cancer has come back.

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Cies Thu 29-Jan-09 19:25:29


He was all clear in his three month tests, then at 5 months started to feel pain in his arm. After a month of testing and waiting and strange results, he's been told it's spread from his bones (where it was originally) to his bone marrow. Apparently that is not very good thing to have happened so soon.

I just feel so bad for him and his girlfriend. They were trying to get back to normal life, back to work, thinking about buying a house. Now this again.

And I'm in another country and can't just give him a big hug.


nickschick Thu 29-Jan-09 19:29:12

Aww cies thats crap,does he know what treatments next?
v un mn but ((u)).
x hipe things are ok

yama Thu 29-Jan-09 19:29:46

I'm so sorry Cies. It's not fair is it?

Did he go through Chemo already?

bodiddly Thu 29-Jan-09 19:30:49

Sooo sorry to hear this. I went through it with my brother and it is horrible to feel so helpless in not being able to physically help. Let's hope that they have picked up on it pretty quickly and he can get on with some treatment to knock it on the head.

Cies Thu 29-Jan-09 19:32:25

Yes. He's been through 7 cycles of Chemotherapy and 1 of radiotherapy, and stem cell therapy.

He's starting on Monday with radiotherapy again and will also have to have chemotherapy, but this time at least it will be on a day release programme. Before he was in hospital for 7 days at a time.

Thanks for your thoughts.

bodiddly Thu 29-Jan-09 19:34:07

poor guy ... glad to hear he won't have to stay in though. I think it is so much easier to pick up bugs when your immune system is so weak - hospital hardly seems like the right place to be!

Cies Thu 29-Jan-09 19:39:02

You're right. I'm pulling myself together as I type. DH isn't back yet and I was just having a wobbly on my own.

Thanks all.

ThingOne Thu 29-Jan-09 19:41:15

I'm sorry to hear your news. Your poor brother.

bodiddly Thu 29-Jan-09 19:45:12

I totally understand the wobble ... I have done many such wobbles over the years. Had to leave work a few months ago after a massive one! Being on your own when you feel like this is the worst - it is always easier to drown out the thoughts when there are people around you.

Cies Thu 29-Jan-09 19:48:54

So true. Dh is in fact out visiting his aunt because his uncle died yesterday, from..... cancer. It never rains but it pours. Got the funeral tomorrow. sad

bodiddly Thu 29-Jan-09 19:59:07

I hate to agree but it is true .. some people live charmed lives and are never touched by these things but then there are others who seem to go from one nightmare to another. My family unfortunately seems to be the latter so I know where you are coming from - I hope the funeral goes as well as these things do.

Cies Thu 29-Jan-09 20:02:29

Thanks bodiddly.

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