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Post Natal bleeding

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edgarcat Sun 30-Mar-03 12:44:38

Message withdrawn

Enid Sun 30-Mar-03 15:16:28

Mine went on for 10 weeks - when I finally had a scan I had retained products and had to have an emergency d&c - go to your gp and get it checked out.

Pimpernel Sun 30-Mar-03 19:34:47

Mine went on for nearly ten weeks too. My GP suggested a scan, but the bleeding stopped of its own accord before the appointment came through. Know what you mean about wanting to be clean though!

expatkat Sun 30-Mar-03 19:40:34

Good advice, Enid. But don't worry edgarcat, because some women just do bleed a long time--it doesn't always mean retained products. Enid, so sorry to hear about your situation. I remember your post, but couldn't comment at the time because I was just as ignorant as you and was wondering if my bleeding was normal. I went for a scan very early on. I didn't have retained products, luckily, but the bleeding did go on for a good 5 weeks. I think up to 40 days is quite normal, and past that is still normal for lots of women (my obstetrician told me there is a HUGE range of normal) but definitely worth a check IMO.

Lollypop Sun 30-Mar-03 22:44:43

Mine was well past 6 weeks with DD but this time with DS only 4 wks. Many other things seemed worse second time around.

lisaj Sun 30-Mar-03 22:46:05

I also had a long time of post-natal bleeding after dd - about 6/7 weeks I seem to remember. I had a scan, but they didn't find anything left behind fortunately. I started to worry because if you read many of the pregnancy books they mention bleeding for about 3 weeks, but now I know that a lot longer is quite common.

susanmt Mon 31-Mar-03 10:19:09

I had 7 weeks bleeding with ds (2nd birth) and turned out I had retained placenta - it was the smell that gave it away. But it did stop before the scan (I had antibiotics) and was fine after that.

edgarcat Mon 31-Mar-03 11:12:46

Message withdrawn

edgarcat Thu 24-Apr-03 18:08:55

Message withdrawn

cici Sun 27-Apr-03 17:54:25

im 7 wks plus and still bleeding is this normal?

Hughsie Sun 27-Apr-03 18:52:28

I stopped at about 6.5 weeks - if it is still quite red I would consult your gp as it may be reatined placenta. You will be having your post natal check soon though I expect so bring it up then. I intended to but luckily it stopped before I got there

edgarcat Wed 30-Apr-03 19:49:15

Message withdrawn

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