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Alchol units - a follow on thread

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watershipdown Tue 05-Apr-05 18:26:43

I am following on from another thread because (a) I don't want to take away from the persons problem on that thread and also (b) think it might be interesting to others.

The thread concerned was about healthy units of alcohol.

Caligula responded to my thread but not being a computer person I can't copy the link, maybe she will read this and do it for me.

Using the method on this a 175ml glass (fairly average size) and a 14% volume bottle of wine gives you 2.45 units PER glass. Did another expiriment and fished out an old bottle out of the trash and there is approx 4.5 glasses in 75cl bottle of wine (again standard size) giving a whopping 11 units per bottle.

I know many people (and admit to being in that categry) who drink wine a regular basis. Are we really an unhealthy bunch and if say we drink a couple of glasses of wine every night putting us over the "safe" limit what damage are we really doing. Anyone know?

Another question ~ if you drink slowly ~ say two glasses over 2-3 hours is that doing damage?

This has got me really thinking.

Chocol8 Tue 05-Apr-05 18:45:03

Hi Watership - blimey, well done for working that out - it must have taken a bit of patience!

Yes, by drinking excessively, you can effect your mental and physical health.

Wines can be the most deceptive drink as there are so many units in one bottle. Spirits are 1 unit each so are alot easier to measure.

Apparently alcohol can reach your brain (via your bloodstream) in 5-7 minutes - which is rather astounding - and then each unit takes 1 hour for your body to eliminate. This is why some people get done for drink driving the next day as they don't realise that their body hasn't got rid of all the alcohol from the night before.

I would think that if you are drinking more slowly (thereby not binge drinking) you are giving your body the chance to deal with the alcohol via your liver which has to be a good thing! The liver is I think the only organ that cannot feel pain as there is no nerve endings on it. By the time the damage is done, it could be too late, where as with your heart or lungs you would feel them deteriorating. I hope I haven't scared you too much Watership!!!

watershipdown Tue 05-Apr-05 19:06:50

Bloody frightened myself first Chocol8. Got to keep an eye on my little pleasure in life which doesn't seem as if it is going to be a pleasure any longer

Chocol8 Tue 05-Apr-05 19:15:25

Well, there's no need to give up your pleasure as long as you know the facts, then you can drink safely and that's good thing eh?

If you "google" "alcohol" or "units" there are alot of good websites out there. Alcohol Concern is a good and very respected too, they don't scaremonger, just tell you the facts.

watershipdown Tue 05-Apr-05 19:21:52

Will have a look or maybe switch to hot Chocol8

Chocol8 Tue 05-Apr-05 19:25:25

Heh, heh! Don't I'm trying to keep my hands off my ds's Easter eggs, but not succeeding. Chocolate is my vice!

mishmash Tue 05-Apr-05 23:05:42

Can I cut in here - sorry but I never read labels as to how much whatever % was in a bottle but am shocked at WD's findings! So if you go out socially perhaps to a dinner party, drink a skinful you are over the "safe" limit without realising? Go to dinner parties regularly and would have never thought that all that wine would over do it.

I suppose if you think of it wine has become so "acceptable" in recent years that no-one would believe it would do harm.

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