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What age do boys start producing sperm?

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puddingz Sat 29-Mar-03 11:55:46

When changing ds in the mornings I've noticed white secretion from down below. Could be it early sperm {what is late sperm? ]or is it a symptom of something?

Ghosty Sat 29-Mar-03 12:00:48

Puddingz .... it could be the 'gel' from the nappy itself. DS' bottom was covered with white bits in the morning when the nappy is so full that the absorbant gel inside used to come out.

puddingz Sat 29-Mar-03 15:30:09

Ghosty I know what you mean. What I'm seeing is actually coming from his penis.

fluffball Sat 29-Mar-03 15:50:33

Hi i,ve just logged on hope you dont mind me butting in on your chat,i,ve had the same problem my son is 2 and in the mornings it seems to be errect and white stuff on it,maybe you could enlighten me on what you know as my health visitor wasnt very helpful and didnt give me any explanation and just told me it was normal,I would like to know a little more on the subject for my own piece of mind though.

Jimjams Sat 29-Mar-03 19:23:03

Possibly worth getting it checked for an infection puddingz, but more likely it's just the secretion- ie semen (without any sperm in them- they start being produced at puberty). I'm not absolutely certain but I think they secretions that the sperm swim in are around from babyhood.

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